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With four offices in Tacoma, Spokane, Vancouver and Tri-Cities, True Built Home has been successfully helping families create their dream homes across the state of Washington and in parts of Idaho and Northern Oregon since 2007. The core staff of True Built Home has known each other as both friends and coworkers for many years, and in some cases decades.

We Stand Out From Our Competitors

Our Home Consultants distinguish True Built Home from others. Each Home Consultant has either built a home as a spec, or has had a home built with this program. This benefits you because the person assisting you, whole heartedly understands what you will experience, from the ups and downs to the success of finishing your home.

Our Project Managers have also either, built homes or had a home built with the On Your Lot Program. We believe other companies can’t even come close to the depth of wisdom and experience our staff has, which is of tremendous value to you!

Why Not Settle For More?

As a home builder with years of experience, we have developed an easy, step-by-step process for you to find and create the home you’ve always wanted at a reasonable price. Our specialty is in pre-designed, efficiently built homes, as an alternative to either manufactured or modular homes. We are built 100% on your site and are committed to customer service and satisfaction.

iTrue System

We have state-of-the-art software which allows you to join up with all subs and vendors and connect to your home on a day-to-day basis, or a need to know basis. All activity from, documentation and photos, to plan engineering, all flows through the iTrue System. iTrue stands for Internet, True, Real-time, Under-construction Evaluator. The sophisticated, yet easy to use, portal is where you will see the project from start to finish, along with calendar events for all parties. For example, if the framer completed the job quicker than expected, then, with a click of a button, True Built Home’s Project Manager can easily adjust the schedule. All paries involved are informed with a text or email. This keeps the project going smoothly and has a sense of transparency which is wonderfully refreshing for you. In addition, the iTrue System gives you plenty of suggestion, keeping you involved with owner items.

Here’s what some of our clients have said about the iTrue System:

“Dear True Built Home,
My input regarding the iTrue program and the system in which True Built Home operates: I believe the calendar is the most useful, very nice looking ahead and seeing what is scheduled. The schedule is easy to adjust when contractors finish a day early or late. Your Project Manager has been great to work with, so has the rest of the True Built staff and family of contractors. I appreciated getting quick responses back from my phone calls and e-mails. I have never had to wait, which to the customer, is so frustrating sometimes. I have also tried to stay on top of my responsibilities because it should go both ways. Hope this helps with what you are pursuing on feedback, not only in regard to the website, but to your business, as well.
Take Care,
As of 6/2010 Ron has 50k of equity.

If you’re thinking about moving into your dream home or have any questions, please give us a call.

We have offices all over Washington State to serve you and we can build in Washington, Northern Oregon and Western Idaho!

Tacoma / 253.272.5300 • Tri-Cities / 509.783.1411
Spokane / 509.255.3939 • Vancouver / 360.464.2884 • Corporate Office / 253.292.9092


In addition, our Tacoma office offers “turnkey” solutions for clients who love the idea of a new home, but because of limited free time, just can’t imagine having a home built. True Built Home has partnered with Gordon T. Jacob to offer a turnkey solution for some.

Our Guarantee

At True Built Home, we are serious about customer satisfaction. That’s why we have put a guarantee on our homes. If you are dissatisfied with True Built Home for any reason, we will correct any defects found in the quality, with no cost to you! We are so confident in our building process at True Built Home that we are able to offer this guarantee.

Our Home Warranty & Extended Warranty

When you purchase a house from True Built Home, you know you’re buying a quality product. We use only the best materials and employ only the best people to create the home of your dreams.

We also know there are times when the unfortunate and unforeseen occurs. That’s why, in addition to our standard one year warranty, we offer an optional extended warranty. The extended warranty is backed by Bonded Builders Warranty Group (one of the strongest national warranty companies), to give you peace of mind knowing your home will be protected for years to come.

Before becoming a BBWG member, True Built Home, Inc. had to undergo an extensive screening process which analyzes our experience and financial stability. To maintain their high quality standards in the building industry, BBWG conducts careful inspections, not only of our work, but also our subcontractors. True Built Home, Inc. displays the BBWG symbol so you can buy with confidence.

As an informed homebuyer, you should only consider buying a home from a builder who offers an extended warranty from Bonded Builders Warranty Group. Only then can you have the satisfaction of knowing your builder’s warranty obligations are clearly defined in writing and backed by a strong warranty insurer. For a minimal cost, True Built Home, Inc. will enroll your home in the warranty program at the date of closing.

What benefits does the extended BBWG warranty provide? Perhaps the most important benefit is the confidence you will have in your buying decision. The second most important benefit is one you’ll enjoy if you sell your home: the warranty stays with the home and automatically transfers upon change of ownership. From the date of closing, you will have coverage for ten years on qualified structural defects.

The 10-year structural defect warranty from BBWG offers the best in coverage and protection. It is your responsibility to read the warranty and understand it. Call us with questions about any part of the warranty you do not understand.
• 10 full years of structural defect coverage for load-bearing components.
• 2 full years of systems surety coverage against defects in wiring, piping and ductwork in electrical, plumbing, heating, cooling, ventilating and mechanical systems; and
• 1 full year of surety coverage against defects in workmanship and materials.