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Terry S Pemberton-Expert Construction Loan Officer

True Built Home’s brief interview with one of the Pacific Northwest lending construction loan officer, Terry S. Pemeberton of Umpqua Bank   Terry first of all, how long have you been in the lender business, and how many years total…
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The Beauty and the Beast of hot water tanks

The ever growing trend, and gaining each and every month, is the forward press to energy efficient items in, around, on top and in the middle if possible! I think every paying dreamer out there who gets their utility bill…
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Show me the equity!

In reading this article I found in it some sobering facts, especially the one about homes that are in the 200k range. If having equity in your home is important, you’ll enjoy this piece. If you would like to read…
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Equity in your home, or the lack there of

I read this artificial, although a few months old, I found in it some sobering facts, especially the one about homes that are in the 200k range and the owners equity, or lack there of, position. I have highlighted it…
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Raised Heel Truss

In one of the more common areas to save on your heating cost, the raised heel truss with additional insulation is one that is in reach for most of our clients. Essentially, at the ends of the hip part of…
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True Built Home-we are adding a few new plans

We have been busy and are inviting you to take a look at three new plans. The Jasmine-big, open rambler sure to delight those needing floor space. The North Wood-Perfect 2 story ready to fit on smaller city lots. The…
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Drywall Level Finish

Every once in a while we run into a difference of opinion with a client over the finish standard of our garages when they want to have the garage fully sheet-rocked. Some have come under the impression that the finish…
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3 Billion plastic bottles and some really smart people

What do you get when a company wants to make their carpet exclusively with plastic bottles? Much cleaner landfills, and oh, carpets that are the best in the world! True Built Home and Mohawk, the award winning flooring people, have teamed up…
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Hybrid Hot Water Tanks-Why Wise, and How They Work

Having hot water is essential to the modern family. Thanks to some genius in the past, we no longer have to cut word and boil it over a fire! After all, after cutting all that wood, who needs a hot…
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A word about slab on grade floors

Several times throughout the year, we are often asked about doing a home with a slab on grade as the main surface for the home.  Which is better, a crawlspace, as a on your lot builder we do, or a…
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