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Home Plans

Below are some of the home plans offered by True Built Home.  Our homes are designed with character & curb appeal, and can be modified to suit your needs.  For more information about these home plans, please contact a True Built Home specialist today!


Ramblers, or single story homes, are ideal for those who cannot or simply don’t want to use stairs, and generally the most popular choice for building sites where the size of the house ‘footprint’ is not an issue. Most of our ramblers can easily be modified to have rooms added, modified or removed at your request.

Multi Level Homes

Multi level homes are ideal for smaller lots where you may have constraints on the size of your house ‘footprint’. True Built Home multi level floor plans are designed for those want to maximize the square footage of the house, moving your living and sleeping space ‘up’ instead of ‘out’.


Already own a home, but no garage? Or, perhaps you want to add a shop, or additional space for your lawn equipment, boat, RV, etc. Choose one of our detached garage plans or let us design one quickly for your personal needs. We can come up with a design that suits you!

Home Galleries

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