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True Built Home Standard Features

It is always best to become as familiar with our process as possible. Click here for important information.

I once went on a trip to Mexico, and the trip we took said, “standard transportation provided”. When we got there, it was a donkey! When a company says “these are our standards”, but either refuses or will not tell you what the standards are, you will be surprised by what you end up with. Because if you look at their “Standards” you wouldn’t know if you were driving a Land Cruiser or riding a donkey!

I was at our office recently in Vancouver and needed a bite to eat. Someone mentioned a little taco stand around the corner. When I arrived, there were folks lined up. The puzzling thing was, there were two large franchise restaurants within walking distance and their parking lots and tables sat empty. In a nut shell, this is who we are. True Built Home may not be as big and elaborate as other on-your-lot builders are, we do however build hands-down the best home at the lowest price and best products, plus features, without a doubt of any other on-your-lot builder in the Pacific Northwest. If you do not take the time to compare our Red Delicious with their crab-apple, you will have a sour taste in your mouth in the future.

If you have come to our site hoping to find a cheap builder who hides the items that they install in their homes, you are mistaken. We offer the nicest finishes compared to our competitors. That is why we are proud to list the items we install in our homes while they hide what they do.

Highlighting our standards in such a transparent way means that True Built Home (TBH) is in your corner. Our competitors HATE it when you investigate what they do. Occasionally you will have to pinch yourself to make sure you’re not dreaming, or slap yourself if you have already ordered a home from our competition! 🙂


Exterior Materials and Specifications If any hyperlinks are broken Please notify us, and we will do our best to resolve the issue.

Please note that as of July 1st 2016 True Built Home has added the following features to all of our homes in all three states that we build in:

Improved window U-value from 0.30 to 0.28 (the lower the U-value the more energy-efficient the window)Washington State Customers only, required by state code
Low-flow Moen faucets and shower-heads
Raised Heel (Energy) Trusses
Hardie simulated cedar shake on front gables-image below
Exterior window sills (main floor, front of house only) images below
Interior “front & formal” window sill package-All customers images below
Codel 3-panel smooth insulated fiberglass front door w/ glass (SF66CL) and craftsman shelf (C-21) – image below

Homes 1500 sqft or less to meet Washington State Revised Energy code for July 2016 – Idaho and Oregon customers-if you want the following as upgrades, calculate about 10% in addition to the standard base price on our website
Single-head ductless split system and supplemental cadet heaters to code-you may elect to upgrade to a furnace package and heat pump
R-38 under floor
Improved window U-value from 0.30 to 0.28
Low-flow Moen faucets and shower-heads
Homes over 1500 sqft to meet Washington State Revised Energy code for July 2016 – Idaho and Oregon customers-if you want the following as upgrades, calculate about 10% in addition to the standard base price on our website
Electric furnace and heat pump system
Electric heat pump (Hybrid) water heater
R-38 under floor
Improved window U-value from 0.30 to 0.28
Low-flow Moen faucets and shower-heads

Please look carefully as we have italicized areas that True Built Home (TBH) hands-down gives you more than our competitors.

SPECIAL NOTE – Some items listed below are shown along with both standard and upgrade items. All of our branches attempt to comply with the items listed below. You may want to confirm with your home consultant if indicated.


  • Steel Reinforced 2’ Foundation Wall 5 Sack
  • 6” x 12” Footings
  • On top of the footing is a 24” wall
  • We include a rim joist at no additional cost. If you prefer a hung joist system, easier to access to all exterior doors, let us know and we might be able to substitute that in place of a rim joist. See illustrations below
Hung Joist system

Hung Joist system are built primarily for those who want easy access in and out of the home with minimal and in some cases, no stairs.

Rim Joist System

Rim Joist System sets the home up higher on your foundation. This is TBH standard building method.


  • Whole house horizontal lap siding. This is a concrete siding from Hardie called Cemplank. Our standard siding is our competitions upgrade. (Brand is dependent on regional availability)



  • As of July 1st 2016, True Built Home standard gables on the front of the home will be simulated shake!

Hardie Shake

    • All TBH standard homes come with FRONT gables simulated shake. TBH chosen brand.


As of July 1st 2016 True Built Home is making the standard front door for all homes the Codel Smooth Fiberglass 3-Panel Door w/ Clear Glass (SF66CL), w/ Craftsman Shelf (C-21). The door comes non-painted, with round knob and dead-bolt standard. Lever is to match an upgrade lever in the home. Upgrades are to paint door from the Codel Color swatch, Textured Fiberglass (TF66CL), glass w/ designs, and/or upgrade door hardware. Oil Rub Bronze is also available in round and lever. TBH has several upgrades available.


Codel TBH standardsmartKeyHero


Other door upgrades available

Front TBH upgrade




  • Man doors and any other exterior doors can be upgraded to fiberglass. (TBH chosen brand)


  • As of July 1st 2016 TBH have added the following upgrade to all front windows of all TBH homes.



  • We currently offer one additional trim package as upgrade.



  • TBH will select a brand of vinyl windows according to your building area. We prefer PlyGem, JELD-WEN, or Cascade Windows. Colors other than white offered at additional cost. Click here to view an additional window option that we offer as an upgrade. All windows are double-pane argon filled Low E .28 as of July 1st 2016. What is Low E? See illustration below:


  • Please note: Screens are included, however, these are to be installed by the client.


  • 2”x 6” DF (Doug-Fir) exterior stud walls At 16” on center.
  • Sill Seal (capillary break between stem wall and mud sill)
  • 7/16” Structural Exterior Grade Panel Sheathing
  • Owens Corning Wrap or comparable wraps
  • 2”x 4” DF interior stud walls At 16” o.c.
  • 23/32” OSB (Orientated Strand board) Edge Gold Floor Decking
  • Engineered Wood I-Joists @ 19.2 O.C.


  • Engineered heel roof trusses spaced 24” o.c. with a 4/12 pitch (we also offer 5/12 or 6/12  and in some cases up to 8/12 pitch at additional cost)

This modified Sable Ridge was built with TBH standard 4/12 roof pitch

Following is a home with a 6/12 roof pitch which is an upgrade

Glenwood Front painted

This beautiful Glenwood with a third car garage features the 6/12 roof pitch upgrade. 6/12 are chosen mostly for their aesthetic appeal


  • This is a 30 year architectural roofing, with ridge vent (shown below).


TBH chosen brands include Pabco, IKO or GAF, which has a lifetime warranty. Currently, if you prefer to have Owens Corning, we charge additional for this particular brand of product. Call for details. Below are many of the colors that we offer as standards. Darker greens, reds and yes, blue are additional cost because of the heavy pigments needed to obtain those colors.

Timberline_HD_Barkwood Timberline_HD_Birchwood Timberline_HD_Charcoal Timberline_HD_Copper_Canyon Timberline_HD_Hickory Timberline_HD_Hunter_Green Timberline_HD_Mission_Brown Timberline_HD_Shakewood Timberline_HD_Slate Timberline_HD_Weathered_Wood

  • Gable ends overhang 12”, tail ends overhang 16” 2” x 4” out-lookers at gable ends for strength. On the east side of the mountains, True Built Home customers get soffit on the tail ends of our homes instead of gutters. Shown below on a Glenwood in Spokane


  • 7/16” OSB roof sheathing nailed to Trusses


  • White seamless aluminum with downspouts. In Eastern Washington and Idaho gutters are offered as an option in place of fully enclosed soffits.


  • 4” garage floor slab 5 sack


  • One or two optional frost-free hose bibs (depending on size of home)


  • Per code, a light at all exterior doors. At the front door, either one carriage light or one can light. As highlighted below, if can lights are ordered, no standard carriage lights will be installed. Below are what we call carriage lighting:

traditional-satin-exterior-light-200x200 (1) contemporary-satin-exterior-light-200x200 contemporary-bronze-exterior-light-200x200

  • 1 or 2 Can lights in rear covered porches (depending on size of porch). Some of our competitors charge extra for these fixtures. Mentioning covered porches, some of our homes come with small covered porch areas while many of our customers elect to have large covered porch areas built (upgrade) as part of their custom changes. See images below

Glendwood Side painted Glenwood back painted IMG_0052 displayfile displayfile (5) DSC_0003 (800x536) DSC_0030 Coverd Porch ad

Interior Materials and Specifications


  • Beginning July 1st 2016, all homes larger than 1500 sq. ft, will now come with a high efficient Electric Furnace package with heat pump (This standard will be a TBH chosen brand. If you have a brand choice it may cost more to use. Check with your local TBH branch. You should be a bit concerned if you are shopping our competition and they are installing one ductless unit as standard on homes of this size. You will find they simply are doing so to save themselves money, not you. The reason is, you will have a very cold area where the main head is but on the other side of the home it will not be. You may have to upgrade to 2 or 3 more heads or a complete furnace and heat pump (what we do standard) in order to avoid this situation. For a more thorough explanation, please click the following link,  Washington State Revised Energy Code for 2016.)
  • All homes that are 1500 square feet and smaller to meet energy code requirements will be installed with 1 ductless unit, (TBH chosen area of home) and electric wall heaters. You may upgrade to more ductless heads or go to the high efficient electric furnace package and heat pump.
  • As an upgrade, if you prefer Natural Gas, please allow for an additional $2,500 minimum (depending on the size of your home) in your budget for gas piping and venting required for these units.


Here are a few shots of exterior lighting packages that accompany the above standard interior lighting packages.

contemporary-bronze-exterior-light-200x200 contemporary-satin-exterior-light-200x200 traditional-satin-exterior-light-200x200 (1)


  • Ceiling lights and outlets per code
  • Smoke detectors per code
  • GFI’s to code
  • Recessed lights in kitchen and covered porch if part of plan (typically four to six lights are included)
  • Garage to code

Special Note: when upgrading to a can light(s) in place of the standard lighting, the standard light will not be installed or included. As an example, some clients have upgraded can lights in place of the exterior front door light. When this occurs, the can light(s) is installed in place of, not included in, the can light upgrade.


  • Kitchen, utility, and bathroom fans venting to the exterior. (TBH chosen brands) TBH installs to code fans that some find a bit noisy. We do offer up a nicer fan that is an upgrade. Consult with your TBH home consultant for more details.
  • Attic space has vent blocks/bird blocks installed in eves at every truss space. No code required for caulk.


  • Kitchen and bath cabinets brand: Aristokraft available in several finishes (Paint or Glaze options are not included as part of our standard finish). Often other builders will charge you upwards of $1500-$2000 more per home package. Our standard cabinet packages do not come with handles or knobs. We do offer quite close draws and doors, pull out shelves as upgrades. Following are but a few of the stains you can install in your new beautiful True Built Home! All of the following are TBH standards.

Sinclair Birch Autumn Sinclair Birch Cafe Sinclair Birch Fawn Sinclair Birch Rouge Sinclair Birch Saddle Sinclair Birch Sarsaparilla Sinclair Birch Umber

  • 36” vanities throughout!
  • Tile back splash in kitchen and bathrooms. Others use wood, and offer an upgrade to tile. 

Upgrade Tile


Standard tile with upgrade crown and stagger cabinets


  • Hardwood self-edge included when you get laminate counter tops.

For a complete gallery of cabinets click here.


Flooring is such a crucial element to our homes. Currently we feel that Mohawk Portico is by far the best value and most durable line of products available. We do however allow you to choose other products from our vendors that we will need to bid ( a process that can take a few days) in the event you do not find something in the Portico line that suites your decorum, or family’s needs. We do not allow the use of non True Built Home vendors. In most cases, some credit will be given for upgrades made.

  • Vinyl areas –  Kitchen, Baths, and Utility (TBH Chosen Vendor)
  • Carpet areas – Living Room, Family Room, Dining Room, Bedrooms, Halls and Entry (TBH Chosen Brand)
  • 8 lb. carpet pad. Others  offer 6lb standard and an upgrade to an 8lb pad. If they don’t mention the pad weight, its 6lb.
  • Formica –  All counters rich High Definition Formica with self-edge. (Bull nose, also known as rolled edges, available upon request as upgrade)
  • Upgrades available. We are currently featuring Portico Mohawk as our feature flooring company. Learn more about EverStrand, which is our standard, and SmartStrand which come in a variety of choices.

Here are some really great information videos about Mohawk and our products.

EverStrand-True Built Home’s standard

SmartStrand-Offered as an upgrade. Prices will vary. How tough are these carpets? Your dog or cat does not stand a chance. Watch and see. For more information, click here.

More info on SmartStrand carpets here.

Remove red wine? SmartStrand does that too!

SmartStrand Silk-Offered as an upgrade. Prices will vary

Armormax-True Built Home’s line of laminate and hardwoods protected by Mohawks Armormax. Watch the test and result here.


  • Upgrades available – One sink per bathroom. Double vanities available upon request
  • Plumbing rough-in and finished
  • Per plan: Moen, true ceramic insertsWe refuse to use plastic faucets and so should you.
  • Currently, we offer Moen Eva 4″ center set

Eva standard bathroom sink chrome


  •  and Moen Brantford 4″ center set in chrome finish as standard.

Brantford Standard Bathroom Sink Chrome

Moen Method is an upgrade

Chrome Method

As is the latest faucet package, the Glyde

Chrome Glyde

Oil Rubbed Bronze and Brushed Nickel finishes offered as an upgrade

Faucet Packages Brantford Upgrade bathroom Sink Oil Rubbed Brantford Upgrade bathroom Sink Satin Brantford upgrade shower Oil Rubbed Brantford upgrade tub Shower Oil Rubbed Eva tub shower oil rubbed Eva upgrade bathroom sink brushed nickel Eva upgrade bathroom sink oil rubbed Eva upgrade shower oil rubbed Eva upgrade tub shower combo chrome


Here at True Built Home, one of the most important faucets in the whole house should be as nice and solid if not better than all other faucets. Kitchen Faucet – Moen Brantford Pull-Down in Chrome.

Moen Brantford (7185) - Chrome

If you would like to upgrade, we have pre-selected Moen upgrades that fit our methods of building. Also available in satin and bronze as part of an upgrade

Moen Brantford (7185) - ORB Moen Brantford (7185) - Spot Resist Stainless

Some include finishes in Chrome, Oil Rub Bronze (ORB), and Spot Resist Stainless (SRS). Etch, KiptonRenzo, Banbury, and Arbor models are other available upgrades. Shown below is the Moen Etch.

Moen Etch (S72608) - Chrome Moen Etch (S72608) - Spot Resist Stainless

  • Kitchen Sink – 8” deep stainless steel. Branches vary; most use Moen G222134 50/50 well drop in sink. You will pay up to $450 from our competitors as an upgrade. Each branch may substitute sink brands but all will be considered “deep” kitchen sinks.

Moen G222134

Upgrades are available such as farm style and under-mount for granite and quartz counter tops.


  • Toilets –  TBH choice. Each location and branch varies. Most use Gerber 21-402
  • Tub and Shower inserts are fiberglass smooth or tile simulation. Our branches and contractors vary; please check with your local branch if our showers are smooth, tile, one seat or two seat. We can be flexible, but cost can vary. Most branches use Maax for 4ft SS3648 and/or the 5ft SS3660
  • .95 Energy Efficiency Hot Water Tank-for homes in Idaho and Oregon. In addition, homes under 1,500 sqft will have this hot water tank
  • Homes over 1,500 sqft and in Washington State- to meet the revised energy code of July 2016 will get an electric hybrid 50 gallon hot water tank. What is a hybrid hot water tank? Click here.
GE Hybrid

Image for illustrative purposes only. Your hybrid tank may or may not be another brand

  • All Pex Water Lines
  • ABS plastic waste and vents
  • Inside main water shut off
  • 2 outside hose bids-your option to have or not. Non-code

Some areas of the state of Washington require you to have a “water softener loop”. In the event your city, county, or state requires you must have an item to pass “their” mandated codes, we will have to charge you for the item. Some additional items are radon detectors, whole house sprinkler systems that are integrated with the fire alarms, and/or whole house alarms.


  • Insulation to code: R-49 ceiling (15 1/2 inches thick) R-21 exterior walls (5 1/2 inches thick)  R-30/38 floor (12-15 1/2 inches thick)
  • Voids around windows/doors filled with foam insulation
  • All insulation are non-formaldehyde products.


  • Non-insulated metal garage door. Optional upgrades to partially or fully insulate, add glass or designs. Visit with your True Built Home Consultant to discuss options and pricing.
  • Garage door opener included. It will be an upgrade from our competition as much as $450.
  • Garage Electrical – Our standard garage wiring includes two outlets and a freezer outlet. Expect to pay as upgrade from others.
  • Man door with exterior light standard on most models. Others charge for man door, up to $950.


  • Trim 4 choices: 2 1/4 colonial style or flat solid wood stained to match cabinets, or MDF 2 1/4 colonial style and flat. We offer you real wood, not photo finish.  This upgrade is worth several hundreds of dollars.


We have several trim packages available as upgrades. Hemlock stained featured here, but the same styles are available in MDF non-painted

Architrave-Stained Craftsman-Stained Dbl Mission-Stained Mission-Stained

  • We also offer MDF-Non-painted (others to paint) 2 1/4 colonial style or flat. What is MDF?
  • Doors: Hollow panel primed MDF doors in 2/4/5/6 panel. Pre-painted doors available at no additional charge in 5 whites if stained trim package is chosen. Colors outside our standard five incur an additional charge per door to paint. This upgrade alone is worth a $2,-4500 or more dollars. All doors below are STANDARD.

2 Panel Arch-Top 2 Panel Roman 2 Panel 3 Panel  4 Panel 6 Panel Cheyenne Riverside Saddlebrook

The following colors are included in our standard home packages at no cost.

  1. China Doll                   SW 7517
  2. White Duck                SW 7010
  3. Pure White                SW 7005
  4. Aesthetic White        SW 7035
  5. Windfresh White      SW7628

In addition, we offer solid hemlock door packages our most expensive door upgrade and a solid door that is that is foam filled for privacy that is a good choice and a great price point if you want solid for privacy such as bathrooms and bedrooms. Check with you home consultant for price comparisons for both. Here is a link to the safe and sound solid foam filled door for more information.


If you are going to go with a white package (doors, trim and cabinets) we will NOT paint your interior doors. They will be delivered and installed unpainted. For obvious reasons the trim and doors must match. The MDF comes unpainted and as such in order to match paint colors they must be painted all at once.

  • As of July 2016 TBH will include all window sills in what is called “front and formal” part of the home. Typically all windows that can be seen from the entry way of the home. Bedrooms, bathrooms, closets and utility rooms are just some areas that are excluded.


Upgrades include fully wrapped interior window packages




  • ½” drywall and texture complete with orange peel finish
  • PVA Primer (polyvinyl acetate also known as “white glue”) at interior walls. The point oif PVA is to create a coating so your paint will not absorb into the sheetrock.
  • Garage firewalls hung and taped to code
  • There is a great new product out from CertainTeed that absorbs VOC in the air called AirRenew. Amazing, but a little more money. Please call for an estimate if you want this type of sheet-rock in your home.


  • Mirrors per plan
  • Schulte, powder coated steel with lifetime warranty; As per plans; All hanging shelves are Open slide
  • Round Kwikset satin or bronze finish doorknobs

Satin Nickel - Round Venetian Bronze - Round

We offer levers as an upgrade

Satin Nickel - Lever Venetian Bronze - Lever

  • Towel bars, shower rod, toilet paper holder TBH selection. For the most part, the bathroom hardware matches your plumbing finish.


All plans are completely customizable. Please be aware a redrawing fee applies. We have a brief questionnaire that helps you through the process if you have a plan and would like for us to bid it out. It is very, very difficult to provide an accurate estimate for you from something drawn not to scale. Bidding a home is very time-consuming. Because it requires a certain amount of dedication, we do require for serious inquiries on plan changes, you first complete our questionnaire. Please contact us, and we will be happy to send it to you.

At True Built Home, we started with a simple philosophy: Don’t charge for things that the client will almost always order to begin with. Our competition advertise prices too good to be true for the simple reason, they are often too good to be true. You will likely have to add $20,000-25,000 to our competition’s standard home to be remotely close to our standard home. Asked by many why and the truth is simple. Two of our larger competitors are franchised, meaning they have to pay a franchise fee each time a home is built, and the other large competitor is owned by several people all wanting to profit from the purchase of your home. TBH is solely owned by one family and they are determined to make sure that NO ONE can beat them with a better home. It just won’t happen. When pricing our competitors, you simply have to do the math to realize that you will have saved thousands of dollars for a much higher-quality home, built to your specifications. That’s why True Built Home is A Great Way To A Great Home.

TBH reserves the right (because we have to) to change a product due to budget, availability or product change.

With offices in Tacoma, Tri-Cities and Spokane and Vancouver, True Built Home has been successfully helping families create their dream homes across the Pacific Northwest since 2008. As a home builder with years of experience, we have developed an easy, step-by-step process for you to find and create the home you’ve always wanted at an affordable and reasonable price. Our specialty is in pre-designed efficiently built homes as an alternative to either manufactured or modular homes not to mentioned the often over priced homes of custom builders. Our homes are built 100% on your site. Additionally, we have taken the time to equip our website with lots of helpful information and tools you can use to carefully plan and begin to understand the process of new home construction.

Legal Notice

From time to time, product availability, or as a result of products being discontinued, our company needs to substitute a choice with equal or greater value. We try our best to be as transparent as possible with our products and choices. This page on our website in no way is a legal document or a substitution for the contract that you may sign with us.  Where code and need exist, need typically will be honored if code is not required.  Additionally, some counties and cities may require additional things to meet their code and that may require more from True Built Home. In this case, the client will have to pay for these items in the event they are brought to our attention. A perfect example of this are fire sprinklers, “X” type Sheetrock, and radon alert systems. If you have CC&R’s that are not part of our standard features list, then you may have to add them as an upgrade. Where correspondence with a home consultant via phone or email or in person conflicts with True Built Home standard features, our standard feature list always takes precedent. Thank you.