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You Only Want the Blueprints?

August 12, 2011How It Works
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True Built Home Can Do Just Blue Prints

We offer this service to clients that are not in our Washington State building area. We offer several features along with blue prints. For example, for an additional cost, we can get an entire lumber take off that includes the entire material list, from rebar in the foundation, lag bolts, straps, siding to roofing materials. Also, our engineer is certified in several states surrounding Washington, so we’ll even have the plans engineered for you if it is one of those states.

This complete type of operation is one way True Built Home sets us apart from other home builders and manufactured or mobile home sales companies. Here is what one person had to say:

“I ordered plans from True Built Home for myself because we live in North Idaho, which was out of their territory. They had a plan I loved, and I asked if they could engineer it for our area as well, make some changes for me, and meet our code. What I was asking was not the usual thing for True Built Home, but they were exceptional in their response. It was approximately two weeks from the time I made the initial request, with final changes, until the plans were mailed to me. They communicated with me regarding suggestions they had for me, which were very appropriate and helpful. The end result is better than I originally intended, and I could not be happier.”

Thanks Donna. If you would like plans engineered for your area, why not contact True Built Home for turnkey blue prints.

– Donna Collier, Priest River ID