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May 2012

Spokane Area Welcomes True Built Home

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When we opened up our advertising in Spokane, we were a little surprised at the amount of interest in our product. Apparently, folks in the greater Spokane area have pretty good taste!

We have settled into a new office in the Spokane area and are securing a parcel of land for building one of our homes as a model home. If you’d like to let us know what home we should build as a model (we have not made that choice just yet) let us know by sending an e-mail with the house name from our website.

Please contact our Spokane office for more information or a free home cost estimate. Call them today at 509-255-3939 or email them here

What Makes True Built Home Different?

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What Makes True Built Home Different?

Basically, the answer is–you do! That’s because we listen to our clients. We believe that you deserve the best treatment, the best quality and the best service available. We’re committed to offering you the best that we can; and because of that commitment, you make us the best!

At True Built Home, we started with a simple philosophy: don’t charge extra for things that the client will almost always order to begin with-just include them as part of the home package. While our competition advertises prices too good to be true, they are often exactly that: too good to be true. You will likely have to add $20,000 to their standard home to be remotely close to our standard home. After you do the math, you will have saved nearly that much on a True Built Home when it’s completed. That’s why True Built Home is A Great Way To A Great Home.


Here Are A Few Examples: Most of our homes average from $50-$55 a square foot. We do have others that are between $56-$70 dollars per square foot.

All home’s over 1400 square feet include Energy Efficient Electric Furnace Packages (TBH chosen brands) Below 1400 square feet pricing reflect Zonal wall heaters.

True 8 ft ceilings are standard at True Built home ( 9 ft ceilings are available). Other builders shorten their stud heights to save money on lumber, siding material and sheet rock. Although it may not seem like much, this can have a noticeable impact, making a room feel that much smaller. At True Built Home we don’t cut corners-we give you full 8′ from floor to ceiling. And of course, all of our ramblers living areas come standard with vaulted ceilings, adding an even greater dimension to your home!

.95 Energy Efficiency Hot Water Tank (TBH Chosen brands)

Durable Cement Lap Siding 25 year warranty (brand is TBH choice based on regional availability)

7 year tread retention Carpet with 8lb pad

Beautiful Birch Cabinets will set your kitchen apart. Many Stains to choose from

Gorgeous Pre-Painted Panel Doors-You Choose how many panels; and they come in five shades of white!

Elegant Real Hemlock Trim-NOT photo finished!

#1 Rated Moen Faucets-NOT Plastic

Rich High Definition Formica Counter Tops

Ultra Strong Schultz FreedomRail Organizers-30% more steel than other wire shelving!

Garage Door Opener

At True Built Home-We Never Hold Back From Giving You The Best Because You Deserve the Best! Other “on-your-lot” builders simply do not compare or even come close to what we offer as “standard” Our standard is quality.