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July 2012

What Sets True Built Home Apart?

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Having a home built, much like any other purchase requires that you compare one builder to another as well as one product used in building the home to another.

If you have never built before, we understand how daunting this must be. So, instead of going into a mountain of details, it might be helpful to simply know some highlights of how a True Built Home differs from a manufactured or mobile home and from other on your lot home builders. If those differences are interesting enough, and you prefer our floor plans to others, than we hope this assists you in making your decision on ordering a True Built Home.

Let’s start with the outside and work to the inside of the home: Read More

Interview with the Becks-Orofino, ID

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Does the process of selecting and purchasing a home to be built on your lot seem intimidating? We do our best to take the stress out of your new home purchase. As an example, Cody and Sammie Beck

who recently purchased a home through our Spokane branch office were gracious enough to offer their opinions about how the True Built Home staff made the process easier for them, as well as why they chose True Built Home site built home over other home builders or a manufactured home. Click here to see their interview.