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August 2012

Lumber Quality Grading

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Economy is the lowest grade available. This is usually junk wood, dunnage taken off of railcars, and pencil stock. You can get a lot of twist, wane, and huge loose knots with economy grade lumber.

Utility is the next grade up in quality from economy. The discerning consumer can usually find a few useful pieces of lumber at this grade. One of the functions in large commercial lumberyards is buying utility grade lumber in bulk and upgrading it to ˜stud’

Stud grade, as implied by the name, is the most common grade used to build the framework of houses. Thus, the electronic device used to find lumber under drywall in a house is called a stud finder. Since the primary purpose of stud grade lumber is to hold up a house, very little twist is allowed, although you can have large amounts of Read More

Color Plus Siding by James Hardie

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At True Built Home we can also help you save money on your painting. With other builders, you will have to paint the siding which will cost about $1-1.25 per sq foot. So, on a  2000 square foot home, the siding would cost about $5,000, and the paint would cost about $2250. That’s about $7250 and you haven’t even moved into the house yet! Then, in about 7 to 8 years you’ll need to paint the home again and you can then expect to pay on average about $3.00 per square foot; the increased cost due to more prep work, more masking, as well as plants, trees, landscaping that the painters will now have to work around. That will be about $13,000 +/-.

At True Built Home we offer pre-painted Color Plus siding from James Hardie the paint is warrantied to last for 15 years. At about $3.50 per sq foot on your home, on a 2000 sq. foot home that will be about $7,000 upgrade, and you can avoid the time and hassle of 2 paint jobs. Spend $7,000 and save over $13,000 over the first 15 years.

There are some great colors to choose from too: check out their website here: James Hardie Color Plus Technology.

Watch our You Tube video about James Hardie Color plus  here

Get More for Your Money

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Why pay for upgrades with other builders, when at True Built Home you get many of their upgrades included in the base price of our home!

Here’s an example: While other builders offer Hardie cement plank lap siding or a comparable siding as an upgrade, at True Built Home, that is our standard siding. You immediately save $4,000-7,000 with True Built Home!

This is only one example of how True Built Home offers you more for less. As a reminder, TBH uses only national or regional brand products in their homes. Moen faucets, James Hardie Cemplank, Merrilat Birch Cabinets, Pabco, IKO or Owens Corning 30 year roofing, Codel door systems, Kwickset Locks and door handles, Mohawk or Shaw Industry Carpets, flooring, Wilson Art or HD Formica Counter Tops, FreedRail, open slide closet systems, Lifetime Warranty Vinyl Windows by Milgard or Cascade Windows, true solid wood Hemlock trim and of course our most precious item, True Built Home’s leading reputation for the “on-your-lot” building program.