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March 2013

What is the Processing Fee for?

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What is the Processing Fee for?

When you order a True Built Home and you sign the contract, you are asked for a processing fee. This processing fee is for administrative costs that True Built Home incurs well before we ever pour foundation. When you sign your order, we immediately begin working.

The work that our office staff does includes, but is not limited to:

  • Processing your contract
  • Preparing your blueprints *(See Below)
  • Standard Engineering of the home
  • Getting bids from subcontractors
  • The salary of the salesperson who helped you
  • Helping you with any information you need for your permit application and loan application. Taking your permit to the county and paying fees is the responsibility of client.

So as you can see, we begin performing services for you immediately on signing of your contract. For this reason our processing fee is non-refundable. You might be asking how much might the fee be? Our fee can be as low as $1,700 for garage plans and can get as high as $5,500 if you are doing a non True Built Home plan. Normally you might realistically be looking at between $3,000-5,000.

*The standard processing fee covers the blueprints if the plan is stock with no redrawing of the house plan. If your house plan is being redrawn for you and deviates from the stock plan that you see on our website, then there will be an additional redraw fee. As mentioned earlier that fee normally never exceeds $5,500.

Praise From A Building Department Inspector

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Building inspectors see dozens of homes being built, which is why receiving praise from a building inspector for the quality of our homes means a lot to us here at True Built Home. Recently our Project Manager Mike Richardson received the following voicemail from a Grant County building inspector:

“Mike, this is (name removed) with the Grant County Building Department and I just did the inspections at the (name removed) home that you are building at (address removed). We did the Plumbing, Mechanical, and the Framing inspections and all of those are signed off. Mike, the house looks really nice, it’s really a good job that you guys are doing and I really appreciate that.”

This same inspector had previously told another homeowner who had built a True Built Home in the area in Quincy, that their home was the nicest “On Your Lot” home he had ever seen.

True Built Home is fast becoming known for doing exceptionally high quality construction at an affordable price. We believe that once you have built one, you’ll agree. Call us to find out more


Special Offer March 2013

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True Built Home is pleased to announce our March 2013 special offer. For this special, it occurred to us to ask our family of subcontractors and vendors if there was anything they might be able to add to our own offering for our clients for 1 month! We received varied suggestions. Many of their offerings will add some higher-end touches that will make your new home even more attractive. Read more details of our special offer here


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