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What Is Cemplank Lap Siding?

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CemplankTrue Built Home uses high quality materials in the construction of every house that we build. An example of this is our siding. Cemplank lap siding is an attractive and durable alternative to vinyl and hard board siding and is a standard feature of all of our homes.  The cedar grain texture of Cemplank provides a wood appearance with proven fiber cement performance. If you’d like to read more about it, we have a new page under our “Leaning Center” entitled “Cemplank lap siding” Or you can read about it here

Learn About Cemplank Lap Siding

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Cemplank® lap siding

Is an attractive and durable alternative to vinyl and hard board siding. The cedar grain texture of Cemplank provides a wood appearance with proven fiber cement performance. Our unique formulation resists termites and rotting, is non-combustible and provides long-term durability. With several popular textures to choose from Cemplank lap siding allows for variety and flexibility in any design.

Paint Cemplank lap siding in the color of your choice to enhance the beauty of your home. It provides outstanding weatherability with low maintenance and comes with a twenty-five year limited product warranty.


Termite Resistant


Cemplank® siding products are resistant to the damaging effects of termites.





Cemplank fiber-cement siding provides strength and good impact resistance without sacrificing the natural look of wood.




In addition to their durability, Cemplank siding products are non-combustible and have a zero flame-spread index and a smoke-development index of 5.



Ease of Installation & FinishingEasy install

Cemplank siding products are installed just like wood and the low cost of installation makes Cemplank the easy choice for any exterior.



Moisture ResistantMoisture

Cemplank siding products offer protection from damage caused by the excessive and prolonged exposure to moisture.



5 Mistakes People Make When Building A Home

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5 Mistakes People Make When Building A Home

If only, if only! People having been repeating those words for years after having made a choice or decision that they later regretted: “if only I had . . .”. That can be true when building a new home. When you think of building a new home, it may be the only time in your life that you will choose that particular path, so making the right decisions are critical to have a positive experience and minimizing stress.  After having been in the business several years, there seems to be a pattern to poor choices, and if you can know what they are ahead of time, you will avoid them. Here are few common ones:

1) Losing Enthusiasm

Paper Work

One thing we have learned over the years is there are clients that have every base covered and know exactly what they want, and then there are those that are uninformed or overwhelmed by the many possibilities and choices. This has in essence been a curse of the new home construction  industry. Builders often have the clients search for products that they want, instead of presenting the client with 3 or 4 high-mid to high quality alternatives to an item. Do a real quick search on a search engine, and you will see that for faucets, there are 27,600,000 websites to choose from!  Now you can see why even the most enthusiastic client can “burn out”, or “check out” of the process when the builder does not limit the choices, for your sake and his, on what goes into the house. This is a driving force for True Built Home. We start with a really nice “standard” home with hundreds of potential upgrades.

2) Cutting Corners


If you think price is everything, then keep in mind the old saying: “you get what you pay for” or in other words  “the cheap person invariably pays the most”. Hidden cost, cheap materials, weird techniques, like the one shown in the picture, all end up costing you more in the long run, and in some case in the near term.  Remember the Chinese sheet rock scare? It was because it was cheaper than local sheet rock. But guess what it did? It corroded metal items, like a home’s wiring! Or, as our picture shows, if a builder is using OSB on over hangs (a poorly advised money-saving trick), where else is he cutting corners? Some even opt, because they can, to use HALF as much steel in their foundations. On average, they save maybe a whopping $600 dollars, but again, when a builder is doing 200 homes a year, and he can save $10 on a door knob, and you have on average 23 in a house, than he saves $46,000 in 1 year! Some construction companies hire an employee to figure out cheaper products to use to raise their profit margin, instead of being innovative and adding more value to the home as True Built Home endeavors to. As of this date 5/24/2013, we are the only builder that we know of that offers standard Electric Furnace Package, Real Wood Trim, and High End Faucets among our 3 major competitors. Check out our standards here.

3) “Interesting” house plans.

Don’t laugh, we get at least one of these a week. Followed by, “can you give us a price on how much this will cost?” Really?

There are hundreds of items to think about from the type of windows, siding, doors, knobs etc. Where to start?

house plansPeople go to schools and colleges to learn how to design. If you think that you can do it on a napkin, or envelope, and get a fair bid or estimate, you are mistaken. Also, do you know the building code requirements for staircase width, tread and riser height? How many steps will it takes to reach a second floor and what is the minimum head clearance required for the stairwell? What about the layout of a kitchen? Kitchen design is a specialty field in itself and many people pay good money to go to school to become experts! One building company hired a computer geek to design their house plans, essentially because they didn’t want to pay for a designer. So, he designed a home plan and of course, forgot that behind the dryer is a dryer vent, which means that the dryer can only go so far back, which pushed the dryer out further than expected and so prevented the door from closing to the utility room! Other signs of poor design are off centered windows, wrong door swings, misplaced dishwashers, etc. Too many people think they can design only to find out that, while living in the home, that they were wrong. Don’t be that person. At True Built Home, we have a designer who has real world experience because he has framed and trimmed out homes, laid-out kitchens, and knows all the subtleties and nuances of space and ergonomics.

4) Odd location

City Dump

You found a great piece of dirt and its $20k. Except, it sits beside the city dump. Nothing against the dump, but if you build there, you may need to plan to stay there FOREVER.

5) Yea, if only


Building your home says a lot about you. If though you build a house besides homes that are fancier, or not as fancy as yours, you have made the final 5th mistake. Again, this mistake may mean that you will forever live in this home, and I am not sure that the phase “Forever Home” was meant to be applied like that.

Do you know how many people, who are younger owners of homes, are underwater on their mortgage? Click here to find out how to avoid that happening to you.

Three Critical Mistakes for Young Couples to Avoid

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Three Critical Mistakes for Young Couples to Avoid

Did you know that according to CBS Money Watch  nearly half of all younger couples are underwater on their mortgage? Here are the 3 mistakes some make that you want to avoid so you are not part of that group:

  1. They buy a fixer-upper, take out additional loan, and then wait for the value to catch up to the  investment
  2. They buy a home in a sub-division, likely at the value the lender is willing to give, leaving the couple with…ZERO equity. If the market drops, you suddenly become upside down. Don’t be fooled, the market has a cycle (read more on it here), and those better positioned will suffer less or little
  3. They buy a home that someone else has remodeled, with little or no equity, and again, when the market goes south, they are stuck.

So, how do the truly smart people, the prudent people, look at real estate investment? When you can get the absolute best home, brand new, at a ridiculously low price, often with $20-100k worth of move-in equity, you will not be a part of the group under water.


Do you know how old a home can be before the government banned all asbestos use in the USA? If this is something that concerns you, contact us by clicking here, and we will send you a link with more information on this subject


Building a new home in Vancouver Wa.

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We are often asked if we building north of Centralia, and we say, “it really all depends”. We realize that some of our competitors are much closer to Vancouver than True Built Home is, in fact these folks drove by 7 model homes from other on your lot builders! At the distances of the Vancouver or Portland area, we will be charging a mileage fee, but we have subs in these areas to build your home.  So, why would a client build one of our homes, instead of a competitors, who may be closer? Could it be we have a better program, reputation, price, and floor plan? Perhaps one or all of those! For a tour of this home, please contact our Tacoma office at 253-272-5300

Side Front

The Juniper Ridge in Desert Aire

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We can’t say it enough, and you certainly are hearing it. The Juniper Ridge is our lead home. Large open areas, featuring spacious hallways, vaulted ceilings, large closets and gorgeous master bathroom. This on your lot home by True Built Home will continue to be a regularly featured home on our site. At this moment, the home has been completed. For more information about this home, please feel free to call any of our staff.

Tri-Cities: (509) 783-1411
Spokane: (509) 255-3939
Western Washington: (253) 272-5300

New home

Juniper Ridge


Building The Pacific Ridge

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As many of our clients know, we do allow for making changes to our plans to add your personal touch. However, it does come with a price. Here is a home we are building out of our Spokane Branch (509) 255-3939. It is an alter Pacific Ridge. However, the client does prefer privacy and is not allowing currently any tours. We will keep you posted with photos.

Pacific Ridger Custom Pacific Ridge Front