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April 2014

Subcontractor – Quality Steel Builder

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Quality Steel BuilderQuality Steel Builder, Inc. Wow what a fun couple this was. I think we laughed more than we talked about the product they sell, but I did get enough info to tell you that they have been building steel builds for a good long time. They are very knowledgeable, and over all experts in the field of building steel buildings. They come highly recommended and don’t take short cuts to save money. If you want a great pole buildings, these are the folks to call!

You can reach Howard Macfadden by telephone  at 1-800-775-0125, by email at, or on the web at

Subcontractor – Spokane Sunscreen

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Spokane Sun ScreenAs an on your lot builder, building stock or custom plans, we do a lot with subs that have created a product or service that messes well with our homes. Rick Johnson with Spokane Sunscreen custom window tinting happens to be one of those contractors. You may not know it, but over time the UV coming through your windows is robbing the color from the fabric of your carpet, leather furniture, paintings, and anything that may contain a pigment of color. For instance, go look for yourself on the back side of a chair or sofa that faces the window in your home. That is the power of the sun. While we all enjoy the bright days of summer and winter, our home essentials don’t do well with the power of the UV produced.

If you are worried, and you should be, at maintaining the quality of your home goods, you should get a free quote from Rick to see what product suits your needs and may save you thousands of dollars in replacement cost. You can reach Rick several ways: by phone at 509-328-4015, email at , or online at