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August 2014

Buy that new boat or sports car by saving energy with a new home!

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If you could save enough money on your energy bill, you might be able to afford that boat or sports car you always wanted. That’s right let me show you how.
Today’s energy codes have made the modern home so efficient that most of our clients, with some simple upgrades, can save up to 40% on their energy use when comparing older homes. For instance, a Hybrid Hot water tank, works much like a heat pump system for a home, on average can save a little over $300 dollars a year. Clickhere to learn more. Currently we offer the hybrid as an upgrade, but soon will be offering as a standard in our home packages. Each branch will use one that is accessible in their area.
Currently we have a special that we are running that allows you to pay up to $1000 dollars less on our heat pump, and at the same time, we are bumping you into even a better efficient one by going to a HSPF (Heating Season Performance Factor) of 8.5. What is that? Click here to learn more.
If you really want to go all out and save lots of money by making a wise investment, you could upgrade to a heal truss package, getting a higher insulation value, and add triple pane windows. Every house is a little different, contact one of our home consultants to find out more.
A little about heel trusses-A truss that has been fitted with a vertical member between the top and bottom truss cords, raising the top chord. The primary advantage of this strategy is to allow full-depth, uncompressed wall-to-wall insulation of the attic floor, reducing heat gain/ loss and mitigating the potential for ice dams. See image here.
The special below is for a very limited time. Act soon to get a jump on getting that boat or sports car you always wanted!
Our best special ever from True Built Home is ending! When you add a heat pump upgrade to your home (about 95% of all our clients do so), we’re offering up to $1000 off the heat pump and upgrading to a higher efficient one at no additional charge! The specs are as follows, 13 (TBH standard) Seer to a 14 Seer, and from 7.7 (TBH standard) HSPF to 8.5 HSPF. If you want to understand more about “Seer” and “HSPF”, click hereIn addition, we will include all of the following:
  • Window sill package-Solid Hemlock stained to match your cabinets 
  • Media rough in for surround sound-Ready for your speakers!
  • Interior rounded corners-main corners
We can substitute our 2 1/4” hemlock solid wood trim with our Craftsman MDF non-painted 3 ½” trim instead of the window sill package, but not in addition (you will have to paint the MDF).  These savings could add up to as much as $6200! How long will this last? NOT VERY LONG! We do have some restriction and rules as you will see below. Please call or email us to discuss this incredible offer to see if you qualify for this special.  You can reach us by email at 
This offer ends at the end of August 2014, so hurry!

Hybrid Hot Water Tanks-Why Wise, and How They Work

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Having hot water is essential to the modern family. Thanks to some genius in the past, we no longer have to cut word and boil it over a fire! After all, after cutting all that wood, who needs a hot bath or shower.

The old ways of heating the water in a conventional water tank, well are about to “tank” as new methods, along with cheaper methods, come along. Today you have several choices to heat your water to save money. 1. Chop wood and boil (as discussed, not the best way). 2. Electric tank with what essential is a wire coil that heats the water (what most homes have). 3. On demand (stay far away from electrical ones, gas ones are great) 4. Solar (more money, but will eventually come down in price) 5. Hybrid (the most popular choice). Today we are looking at the hybrid means.

Hybrid hot water tanks work a lot like a heat pumps that cool and heat your home in a much more efficient means than an electric furnace package and an air conditioner. The Heat Pump Water Heater is an integrated system that utilizes heat pump technology to provide a more efficient way to heat water with electricity. Similar to your home air conditioner in reverse, the Heat Pump Water Heater extracts heat from the surrounding air and transfers the heat to the water in the tank. This is a very efficient means of heating water, and yields a by-product of cooler, dehumidified air. More storage capacity allows the water heater to operate in the most efficient mode and generate greater savings compared to smaller capacity heat pump models. Greater storage capacity provides more hot showers every morning. Essential, the hybrid hot water tank can save you on average about $300 per year. With local and state rebates, you might be able to re-coop the cost of the hybrid hot water tank in about 3 years or less. The great thing is you should see immediate savings each month. In addition, the hybrid hot water tank has a monitor control area that you can adjust on a moments notice. It will have a vacation mode and by simply touching the button, wham, it converts to vacation mode.

You can check out more information here.

Combine the hybrid with a high efficacy heat pump, some heal trusses, triple pane windows, and you are on your way ever month at savings hundreds and thousands of dollars over the course of these modern products lives.

The Pros and the cons;


  • Saves money every month
  • Quick adjustment to heat settings
  • Pretty cool looking
  • Will make you feel good going green


  • The cost will take about 3 years to re-coop
  • They have to be in the garage or must be vented if installed within the home
  • Makes noise
  • Slightly bigger than a standard hot water tank