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November 2015

Show Me the Equity

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Good equity on the rise!

Since the housing market crash of 2008, poor equity has plagued many homeowners. Luckily, however, that trend is reversing and many homeowners now have very good equity. Read more at: At True Built Home, we keep your future home value in mind when we build your house. We do our best to ensure that what you buy is a good investment, as well as a good home:

Why Not Settle for More?

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At True Built Home, we have many different floor plans, all customizable, to fit your needs. We offer single level ramblers as well as multi-level houses. We also build garages and garage extensions for pre-existing homes.

Ramblers, single level homes, are great choices for anyone looking to avoid the leg strain of walking up and down steps all day. Also known as ranch homes, our ramblers are easily customizable for any situation. Initial floor plans range from 720 to 3,038 square feet and come with anywhere from one to five bedrooms – though it is easy to add more according to your needs.

The versatility and easy access of the rambler makes it a very popular model, and with prices as low as $55,900, there are options for everyone. Whether it’s a simple Ruston, a spacious Jackson Ridge, or an elegant Jasmine, customers always love their rambler homes.

If you have a larger family, or a smaller lot, you may want to look into our multi-level housing. These two-story homes start at $68,900, and range up to 2,914 square feet. There are 13 customizable floor plans available, most of which boast between 3 and 5 bedrooms.

Building up instead of out allows you to make the most of the land you are given. It is a practical way to fit a larger family into a smaller space without anything feeling cramped. In fact, it will feel spacious, as you double your floor space.

Both rambler and multi-level homes can be built as ADUs – Accessory Dwelling Units. These ADUs are self-contained small houses built on the same property as a larger, central house. Think of it as a mother-in-law house, something that allows a person to live independently, but close to loved ones.

In addition to building homes, True Built Home will build a garage for your existing home. We offer standard one or two car garages, but we also have more specialty options, with offices or workshops attached. Even if you already have a garage, we can add on to it to allow you to make more use of the space.

At True Built Homes, we offer many different solutions, all of which are customizable to your situation. To see all of our floor plans, as well as a gallery of homes we have built in the past, visit:

Orting Turkey Trot Benefitting the Orting Food Bank

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Turkey TrotCome on out to the Orting Turkey Trot!

This Saturday, November 21, the Orting Food Bank will be holding the Orting Turkey Trot along the Carbon River. Bring your running/walking shoes and your nonperishable goods and prepare to participate for a good cause. Register tonight for only $35:

If you like Orting, True Built Homes can build you a home in the area. Visit us at:

Add a Covered Porch Upgrade to your Home Plan!

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Covered Porch Upgrade

Add a covered porch to your new home.

A covered porch is the perfect place for throwing a party or for relaxing after a hard day. If you wait until your home is built to add a covered porch, it can be difficult and expensive to get all of the matching materials and reconfigure your home so that it can accommodate a new porch. It is much easier to plan for the porch at the outset of building your home. Learn about the True Built Home covered porch upgrade here.


5 Mistakes that People Make When Building a Home

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Building a home can be exciting and fun, but if you’re not careful it can turn into a very stressful process. Follow these tips and the memories you make from building a home will be ones that will never fail to make you smile.


When you begin the process of building a home, you need to make sure you start with a good plot of land. There are many aspects of a home that can be fixed, but location is not one of them. Remember, you will be spending the next years of your life on this plot of land, don’t sacrifice a good location for a low cost.

On that note, be wary of the neighborhood in which you build your home. Try to build around homes that are of a similar caliber – if you aim too high or too low, it will be very difficult to sell your home in the future. A home is an investment, and the neighborhood in which you build your home will play a significant role in whether or not you will profit.

Be sure to keep an open mind when deciding to build a new home. A good home builder will work with you to make sure that you all of your needs are met, but if you come in with your own pre-made floor plan you may be unwittingly limiting their capabilities to build you the home you really want.

Home design is a career within itself, a career that demands extensive study and experience. You may picture the perfect layout in your head, but there may be flaws you don’t anticipate. In the end, it’s better to go into the process of home building with ideas about what you want, but not with a fully drawn layout.

Once the process has begun, it’s important that you don’t attempt to cut corners in your home. Frugality is important, but when it comes to building a good home sometimes you need to spend the extra dollar for high quality materials that will last you a lifetime. If you cut corners now, you will end up paying more out-of-pocket down the road.

Lastly, remember that building a home should be a fun, exciting project! When you’re in the middle of the process – when you get into the doldrums of homebuilding – it’s easy to lose sight of the end goal. Just keep reminding yourself of why you decided to build a home in the first place, and about the prize waiting for you when you finish, and stay interested in the process. You want to work closely with your builders through the whole process for a home that you will always love and cherish. For more on how to avoid common home building mistakes, visit us at:

True Built Home Booth at the Spokane Home Idea Show

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Spokane Home Idea ShowThis past October, True Built Home ran a booth at the Spokane Home Idea Show. The booth went over very well, and we’re proud to say we met many people interested in what we’re doing at True Built Home. Read more about the Spokane Home Idea Show at: To find out why so many were interested in the difference a True Built Home can make, join us at:


60 Fall Decorating Ideas

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tbh_nov_5_fbNeed some inspiration for fall decorating? Look no further, HGTV has compiled a wide variety of styles for you to choose from, all of which are beautiful.

If decorating is your passion, at True Built Home we can build you a home that is easy to redecorate whenever you wish.

Visit us for more information at: