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May 2016

What Newell Turner Learned When Building His House

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Tips on building a new home

Newell Turner, style director with House Beautiful, recently built a new home. Check out his tips for anyone about to embark on the same journey here: At True Built Home, we have the experience to teach you what you need to know about building a home. Visit us to learn more about how we help you at:

13 Things Every New Homeowner Needs

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5-24-1613 essentials that will instantly make your house a home

When you are finally ready to move into your newly built home, you are likely to get excited beyond words. One of the first thoughts that may cross your mind is how you are going to furnish and accessorize the house. Unless you make a plan from the outset and stick to it, you might end up buying more things than you need. Considering that you now have a mortgage, you are probably not going to be able to fill the new home with everything you have dreamed about right away. These are some items that you can and should start with to give your home some character and make sure you have the essentials covered.

To decorate the walls, make sure to hang some family photos and a favorite piece of art. Any visitor to your home will understand how important family is to you and these photos help bring a good vibe into your new space. Whether the art is a classic piece or a rare item you found while on vacation, it is bound to add some color and intrigue to your new home.

After a hard day at work, you will want to sit in your favorite chair as you relax and bid farewell to the day. Your chair should be comfortable and unique to give you a sense of appreciation. Since it will be an important part of your life for years to come, do not be afraid to spend a little more on the chair and see it as an investment.

Since you will want to show off your new home to your friends, you may want to invest in some high quality guest bathroom towels. And for those inevitable great parties you will be throwing, choose the right barware according to the types of beverages you will be serving. Also, some nice stylish entertaining trays will help set the mood for the gatherings in your new home. And for entertaining your friends you will need a docking station so that you or your guests can connect your iPhone or any other device to play some great music for the party. You may think of other things you would like to have for entertaining guests in your new home, but perhaps the most important thing not to forget, as many new homeowners often do, is plenty of toilet paper (the more partying you and your friends do, the more you will need … OK, we think you get the idea!).

There is something about plants that can bring life into a home and also have a calming effect, so adding some greenery can go a long way toward making your home more inviting.  And, putting up house numbers with a trendy style can help increase the home’s curb appeal.

Since you will have to fix some things from time to time, a toolbox with at least a few essential tools is an important item for your new home. Eco-friendly cleaning supplies are a must as well to keep things spic and span. Some nice colorful pillows can instantly enhance the appeal of any room.

Check out Laura Serino’s article at domino magazine online for her suggestions:

At True Built Home, we understand that your new dream home is about more than mere brick and mortar. Your home is an extension of your personality and style, so we work with you to help you get exactly what you want. Visit our website or call us today:

Puyallup Farmer’s Market

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Buy locally sourced food at the Puyallup Farmer’s Market!

There are endless benefits to locally sourced produce – not only is it better for the environment and for your health, but it tastes so much better than anything you could buy in a store! Come on out to the Puyallup Farmer’s Market this Saturday to see the benefits for yourself:  At True Built Home, we are committed to improving your lifestyle by providing you with a custom built, energy efficient home. Visit us to learn more at:

New Home 101: Building a New Home, Part 1

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How to go about building a new home

If you’re new to building a home, it’s good to have a guide for how to go about it. To get the best quality home for the lowest price, you have to know the in’s and out’s of the process. New Home Source has a guide to get you through building a new home at: At True Built Home, we couple our experience with your vision to make sure you get the home of your dreams for the best value:

5 Tips to Make Your Home Green, Safe, and Healthy

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Have you been hearing about green homes and all the things that you can do to make the planet greener? Too many people get the wrong idea when it comes to going green. We assume that being environmentally conscious involves giving up all the good things in life but that’s not really what it’s about: going green is a lifestyle adjustment that helps improve your quality of life – and a greener and healthier environment becomes a result of that adjustment.

These five tips from Zem Joaquin can help you to make green living feel glamorous and fun:

  1. Install a foot pedal on your sink

Much of the planet is experiencing a shortage of clean drinking water, and one of the ways you can conserve your water is by installing foot pedal valves to control the flow of water and minimize waste. This will help cut back on your water bill and also solve the soapy hands/turning faucets dilemma.

  1. Enhance indoor air quality

Most people take air quality for granted, which is unfortunate because it has such a profound impact on our health. This is especially a problem for children because they can develop asthma quite easily from indoor air pollutants and toxins. To improve the quality of air in your home:

  • Avoid using VOC (volatile organic compounds) paint because it comes loaded with an array of toxic chemicals like benzene, acetone, formaldehyde, etc.
  • Furniture can contribute to air pollution as many cheap, mass produced furniture pieces contain MDF (medium density fiberboard), a ground up wood pulp that is bound together with adhesives. One major component of MDF is urea formaldehyde, a known carcinogen that releases vapors into the air, possibly causing respiratory problems and even cancer.
  • New furniture often carries a higher toxin level than older pieces of furniture. Most modern furniture is mass produced and lacks quality craftsmanship found in vintage wood pieces. Try shopping on eBay or other online sites to get quality, eco-friendly furniture for your home.
  1. Install eco-friendly flooring

Cork or wood are good choices for your floors. Many carpets have crevices that house all sorts of pollutants including dust and toxins, and they’re hard to clean without using harsh chemicals.

  1. Go green in your bedroom

Most of us spend a huge chunk of our lives sleeping, which is why the bedroom needs to be free of toxins. Avoid mattresses that contain petroleum-based products or fire-retardants and opt for eco-friendly aternatives. Bedding should also be healthy, look for organic bedding options when choosing comforters, blankets, and sheets.

  1. Treat your windows to save energy and regulate temperature

If not properly addressed, windows can contribute to heat loss and affect your lighting, which is why you need eco-friendly curtains and drapes that help regulate sunlight while also contributing to your home’s décor. Avoid “monstrous hybrids” – curtains made from a combination of synthetic fibers – and instead choose organic materials that don’t contain toxic adhesives.

For a more in-depth look at Zem’s recommendations, read the full article here:

All True Built Homes are designed to be eco-friendly and very energy efficient.

Tips for Building a New Home

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5-3-16Check out these tips if you’re going to build a new home!

Are you gearing up to build a new home anytime in the near future? If so, you need to check out these great tips from Quicken Loans: At True Built Home, we spend time working with each of our clients to ensure that your new home is of the highest quality and exactly to your liking. Visit us to learn more at: