3 Billion plastic bottles and some really smart people

What do you get when a company wants to make their carpet exclusively with plastic bottles? Much cleaner landfills, and oh, carpets that are the best in the world!
True Built Home and Mohawk, the award-winning flooring people, have teamed up to bring the most durable, stain and wear resistant carpets in the industry.
To learn more about EverStrand click here.
EverStrand is True Built Home’s standard line of carpets. It is a polyester carpet, or better know as PET. In fact up to 99% of all carpets in the US are synthetic in nature. If you are currently having a home built by True Built Home and have yet to order the carpet, you may want to visit with your office to see what the possibility is of having EverStrand installed instead of our previous standard carpet. Why?
EverStrand is made exclusively from 100% recycled water bottles. These bottles, before being discarded, were approved for human needs from the FDA. Low to zero VOC.
EverStrand comes with the best warranty in the carpet business. (Some highlights are below)
Lifetime stain resistance 10-year abrasive wear 10-year texture retention 10-year soil resistance 10-year manufacturing defects.

Step It Up A Notch!

For a little extra money, you can upgrade to the SmartStrand, a nylon carpet which has the ONLY built-in stain and soil protection that NEVER wears off. Other carpets lose as much as 50% of their protection after three steam cleanings. So, in about 54 months, you lose 50% of the stain protection but with SmartStrand, you still retain 100% protection! You can download their Brochure if you’d like. Need a little proof, what about Red Wine?
Flooring Protection to the Max
Finally, our laminates or engineered hardwoods from Mohawk with Armormax. What is Armormax?

Introducing the industry’s most durable coating system for hardwoods, Mohawk’s ArmorMax™ Finish Technology offers maximum protection for your floor. Combined with Scotchgard™ Advanced Repel Technology, ArmorMax serves as the ultimatebarrier against staining and abrasions that come with everyday life.

  • Tested and proven protection that is five times more resistant to wear than other similar extended wear finishes.
  • Built-in surface shield repels stains and everyday messes for long-lasting performance in your home.
  • Easy maintenance, as ArmorMax Finish eliminates the need for frequent hardwood cleaning and floors look newer for longer.
  • Backed by a 50-year finish warranty.
Basically, Mohawk took on 6 other competitors according to the principles of ASTM D 4060 They sit a sander if you will, with essentially is 320 grit sand paper and a little over a pound and half weight on it. Every time the sander makes one revolution, it is counted as such until in does it 500 times, or better know as a cycle. Mohawk products with Armormax lasted up to 3000 revolutions, or 5 times tougher than their closest competitor!
So, if you are thinking of building a home with a “cheaper kind of builder”, remember, the old saying, “the cheapest person always pays the most”. True Built Home has your back! We don’t settle for the cheapest product to put in your house. That’s what others do. We look for the best value, but more importantly, when it comes to flooring, those that will stand the test of time!
Please call or email us to discuss True Built Home’s incredible line of products, benefits, and features. You can reach us by email at [email protected]  For a brief video about Mohawks products, you can click here. Or on our YouTube.
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