Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide land, or sell land & home packages?

We do not sell or provide land. Your best option would be to check with local realtors, or to check some online resources, like Zillow or Redfin for land options. There are websites that specialize in land only, such as,,,, or

Are these manufactured homes or kit homes?

No, we do not sell manufactured homes or kit homes. Our homes are traditional stick framed homes that we build on your land. A stick framed home can provide much more quality and equity for you. Click here to learn more about the benefits of building a True Built Home vs a manufactured home.

Do you build in my area?

At this time, we build in Washington, Western Oregon, and NW Idaho. Please view our Build Area Map to see if we cover your location. Typically, we only build within 100 miles of our branch locations. If your area is not covered in our build area, please contact us and we can review if building in your location would be possible for us.

Can I see a model home?

We do not have model homes, since they usually do not fully represent what you will get when you build a home. But, if you are interested in building, please contact us and we can see if one of our current projects would be available for you to look at. Our branch offices showcase the exceptional fixtures and finishes that you can expect in your True Built Home.

What’s your building process?

There are typically three parts involved in building a home: land, site development, and the home itself. Once you choose a home plan and make any customizations that you want, we prepare the blueprints of our stock plans and have them engineered for your building site and area. Then, we handle the actual build of the home. If you already have land, you would need to get the land ready for building, which would include permits, site prep/excavation, and utility hook-ups. Please click here to see an overview of our Building Process, including homeowner responsibilities.

How long does it take to build?

There are many factors to consider when building a home, such as weather, site accessibility, labor availability, and more. Since construction can be a complicated process with many moving parts, we schedule 270 days or more from the time the foundation is poured. That’s just an estimated timeline, and it could take more time or less, depending on your project.

Do you provide in-house financing?

We don’t offer in-house financing, but we do work with a variety of lenders to make this easy for you. Some lenders specialize in traditional construction loans, while some specialize in FHA or VA loans. Please view our list of our preferred lenders who can help you with the loan process.

Where can I find your pricing?

We list the starting price for our homes along with the details of each home plan. Click here to choose the style of home that you’d like, and then browse our available home plans. The starting price of the home does not include land, site prep/development, or optional upgrades. The price may vary based on your build location. Please contact us to get the most accurate quote.

What’s included in the price?

At True Built Home, we want to be transparent with our customers. Our prices include the foundation and all of our amazing Interior and Exterior Standard Features. Click here to view the Standard Features included in our pricing.

What isn’t included in the price?

Our pricing is just for the build of the home itself, and does not include the cost of your land, permits, site prep/development, utility hook-ups, or any optional upgrades/customizations to the home plan. Please click here to see the homeowner responsibilities.

Does your price include the foundation?

Of course! We use a high-quality 6 sack concrete mix with #4 rebar in our foundations. Although we do factor in jurisdictional, engineering and your specific excavation requirements, typically our Standard Features also include: 6″ x 12″ Footing on Single Story homes (or 8″ x 16″ Footing on 2-Story homes), 22-24″ Steel Reinforced Foundation Wall, 4″ Garage Floor Slab, Sill Seal Foam Gaskets, and a 30″ Crawl Space with Rim Joist.

What is your cost per square foot?

Cost per square foot is a terrible means of accurately measuring the costs associated with building a new home. If you’re trying to use cost per square foot as a means of comparing estimates between home builders, you might be comparing apples to oranges. Do you know all of the costs and materials that each builder includes in their pricing?

The design of a home, such as its size and shape, obviously influences construction costs. However, the cost per square foot for a new home is even more greatly impacted by the construction quality, grade of materials, and level of interior finishing of the home. This involves the quality of the cabinetry, countertop material, plumbing fixtures and finishes, lighting, flooring, and HVAC systems, as well as the level of molding and trim, the grade of siding and roofing products, the number and efficiency of the windows and doors and the extent of energy-efficient features included. To see what is and what is not included in our pricing, check out our Standard Features.

Remember, cost per square foot is only useful when you know everything included in the builder’s cost. Be sure to consider all the costs associated with how you want your house finished, not just built. If you have a home plan in mind, contact us and let us know where you’re thinking of building. We’ll give you an accurate quote based on your build location and any customizations that you want to make.

Can your plans be customized?

Definitely! All of our home plans are customizable. Want to add extra square footage, a basement, an 3rd car garage bay, 9 foot ceilings, or something else? We have an in-house design team that will work with you to make your home plan your dream home!

Can I use my own plans?

We will review plans to see if we can build them. Contact us and give us the details of your home plan, along with where you plan to build. Once we review your drawings, we can put together a estimate to build your home plans.

Do you offer unfinished / daylight basements?

We do! We can usually customize our plans to add a basement. Contact us and let us know which plan you have in mind, where you want to build, and any details about your land.

Do you build garages?

We do build garages, but only when we are also building a home.

Do you build tiny homes?

We do not build tiny homes. If you’re looking for a smaller home, check out our ADU home plans.

Do you build additions or do remodels?

We do not do remodels or additions to an existing home.

What upgrades do you offer?

We offer hundreds of upgrades! Contact us and let us know what upgrades or customizations you’re looking for.