Standard Home Features

When you buy a True Built Home, our standard features are what everyone else charges as upgrades.

Standard Specifications

As of July 1, 2016 True Built Home has added the following features to all of our homes:

  • Low-Flow Moen Faucets and Shower Heads
  • Raised Heel (Energy) Trusses Click Here to Learn More
  • Hardie Simulated Cedar Shake on Front Gables
  • Exterior Window Sills – Main Floor and Front of House Only
  • Interior ‘Front & Formal’ Window Sill Package
  • Codel 3-Panel Smooth Insulated Fiberglass Front Door with Glass (SF66CL) and Craftsman Shelf (C-21)

Washington State Energy Code Upgrades
For Oregon and Idaho customers who want the following as upgrades,
calculate an additional 10% to our standard base price.

  • R-38 Under Floor
  • Improved Window U-Value from 0.30 to 0.28 The Lower the U-Value the More Energy-Efficient the Window

Homes 1500 sq. ft. or Less
• Single-Head Ductless Split System and Supplemental Cadet Heaters to Code You May Elect to Upgrade to a Furnace Package and Heat Pump

Homes Over 1500 sq. ft.
• Electric Furnace and Heat Pump System
• Electric Heat Pump (Hybrid) Water Heater

Standard Features & Upgrades

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Home Customization Features

Tubs & Showers
Water Heating
Cable & TV Outlets
Furnace & Heat Pump
White Unpainted MDF
Solid Hemlock Wood Stained Trim
Interior Doors & Trim
Shower Doors
Insulation & Round Corners
Windows & Skylights
Roof System & Vaulted Ceilings
Garage Doors
Exterior Front Doors
Decorative Stone Wrap
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All plans are completely customizable! Redrawing fees do apply. We have a brief questionnaire that will help you through the process. It is extremely difficult for us to provide an accurate estimate if your plans are not drawn not to scale. Since bidding a home is very time-consuming and requires a certain amount of dedication, we ask that only serious inquiries contact us. Remember to complete our questionnaire first. Please contact us and we will be happy to send it to you.

At True Built Home, we started with a simple philosophy:

Don’t charge for things the client will almost always order to begin with.

Our competition advertises prices too good to be true for the simple reason, they are often too good to be true. You will likely have to add $20,000-25,000 to our competition’s standard home to be remotely close to our standard home.

What Makes TBH Different?

The truth is simple. Two of our larger competitors are franchised, meaning they have to pay a franchise fee each time a home is built. Our other large competitor is owned by several people, all wanting to profit from the purchase of your home.

TBH is solely owned by one family and we are determined to make sure NO ONE can beat us with a better home. It just won’t happen. When pricing our competitors, one simply has to do the math to realize they will have saved thousands of dollars for a much higher-quality home, built to their specifications. That’s why True Built Home is a great way to a great home.

Why Not Settle for More?

With offices in Tacoma, Tri-Cities and Spokane/Vancouver, True Built Home has been successfully helping families create their dream homes across the Pacific Northwest since 2008. As a home builder with years of experience, we have developed an easy, step-by-step process for you to find and create the home you’ve always wanted at an affordable and reasonable price. Our specialty is in pre-designed, efficiently built homes as an alternative to either manufactured or modular homes, not to mention, the often over priced homes of custom builders. Our homes are built 100% on your site. Additionally, we have taken the time to equip our website with an abundance of helpful information and tools you can use to carefully plan and begin to understand the process of new home construction.

Legal Notice
From time to time, product availability, or as a result of products being discontinued, our company needs to substitute a choice with equal or greater value. We try our best to be as transparent as possible with our products and choices. This webpage is in no way is a legal document or substitution for the contract that you may sign with us. Where code and need exist, need typically will be honored if code is not required.  Additionally, some counties and cities may require additional things to meet their code and may require more from True Built Home. In this case, the client will have to pay for these items, in the event they are brought to our attention.

Fire sprinklers are a perfect example of this: “X” type Sheetrock and radon alert systems. If you have CC&R’s that are not part of our standard features list, then you may have to add them as an upgrade. Where correspondence with a home consultant via phone, email or in person conflicts with True Built Home standard features, our standard feature list always takes precedent. Thank you.

TBH reserves the right (because we have to) to change a product due to budget, availability or product change.