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Build in:

Tacoma/South Washington: $100,900
Coastal Washington: $112,900
Olympic Peninsula: $112,900
South King County: $112,900
North King County/Arlington: $117,900
Whidbey Island: $120,900
Yakima/Tri-Cities: $100,900
Spokane/Idaho: $100,900
Greater Portland Area: $119,900
Western Oregon: $107,900
Coastal Oregon: $119,900

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Home Plan Details

Livable Area: 884 Sq. Ft

Bedrooms: 1

Bathrooms: 1

Garage: No Garage

Dimensions: 26 x 38

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Shasta Home Plan Features

  • Single-Head Ductless Split System and Supplemental Cadet Heaters to Code. You May Elect to Upgrade to a Furnace Package and Heat Pump
  • Energy Efficient Hot Water Tank
  • Hardwood Trim
  • Pre-Painted Interior Doors (options may vary depending on trim selection)
  • JD Powers #1 rated faucet package by Moen
  • Cemplank concrete fire resistant siding

An Accessory Dwelling Unit is an extra living unit on your property, complete with kitchen, bathroom and sleeping facilities. Subject to local regulations, ADUs may be located either inside, attached to, or detached from the primary home on your property. Another common term for ADU is ‘Mother in Law’ apartment. Read Seattle Times ADU article ‘Both sides can benefit in ‘Mother-in-law arrangement’.


  • Extra Housing – Meet a family need or have a tenant living nearby
  • Companionship, Security and Home Help – Others to keep you company, look after your well-being or help out around the house
  • First Time Home Buyers – Possibly qualify for a larger home loan, have extra income or more choice in using your home
  • Income – Extra cash in your pocket for mortgage payments, home repairs or anything else you need

Every city and county will have their own conforming code for ADUs. You will have to do a bit of research, often online, for the city or county you plan to build one in. If need be, we can help with a little research, as well.

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