Stick-built Homes vs Modular Homes

Stick-built Homes vs Modular/Pre-fab Homes

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Many people think that manufactured homes are “trailers”, and that new manufactured homes are “modular homes”. Most of the time, modular homes are built in a factory, off-site. That means that extra work could be involved to move and place the home on your property. A True Built Home can actually cost you less and offer much more flexibility in design and features.

If they are calling manufactured homes “modular” and are actually looking at manufactured homes, I let them know our price will be within $10K – $20K in the overall price. Our pricing includes garages (on most plans) and foundations which have to be added to manufactured homes at about $10K. There are also the resale/appraised values to compare. I lived in a 1995 Fleetwood triple wide home that was about 2,600 sq. ft. on 2.7 acres with an 800 sq. ft. garage and a “sport court” that is valued at $268K. A newer site-built home similar to ours down the street was built in 2005 and is 1,232 sq. ft. with a 391 sq. ft. garage and is on 2.4 acres and is valued at $256K. So a manufactured home that is on a larger property with a larger garage is 1,368 sq. ft. larger and is only worth $12K more.

Build a Small Custom Home

If you are in the market for a smaller custom home, we offer a variety of home plans that are a great, affordable alternative to tiny homes, modular homes, or mother-in-law (ADU) homes. You can even add one of these to your existing property that you could rent out for extra income.

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