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Shop Affordable Multi-Level Homes for Sale in Camano, Washington

Camano, Washington, is a great place to live. Low crime rates, low poverty, and surroundings packed with nature’s beauty make it desirable for anyone. 

However, affordability can be a concern. That is why you may choose to look into multi-level homes for sale rather than other options. This simple change presents a number of affordable yet effective options. 

Multi-Level Floor Plans are Perfect for Smaller Lots

While Camano, Washington, is a great place to build a home, the lots aren’t always as big as you might want them to be. You may find the perfect location, with a gorgeous view of the water and unmatched accessibility. However, this otherwise perfect lot may be pretty small and limit you on size, particularly for a one-story home

However, multi-level homes remove this limitation. They provide a significant space boost, with some nearly doubling the livable space. This allows you to get the most out of your small lot in Camano, Washington. 

The True Built Camano Home Difference

When looking for a multi-level house, there will be plenty of options out there. However, none of them are better than the options provided by True Built. Our multi-level home plans are the clear choice for anyone in Camano, Washington. 

Award-Winning Camano, Washington Builders & In-House Designers

The True Built difference starts with the very nature of our multi-level house plans. Our team of in-house designers carefully creates these plans. This has allowed us to create a range of spectacular options for multi-level homes, including townhouses or over-garage plans. Anyone interested in these options can then sort through them and find the one best suited to their situation. 

All Plans & Homes Come with Premium Features – No Additional Costs

The other big difference True Built provides comes in the form of premium features. We offer a number of premium features in every home we build. These include design elements, like Moen faucets and quartz countertops; structural elements, like quality wood framing and long-lasting lap siding; and money-saving elements, like energy-efficient windows and better insulation. 

The best part is that these premium features are included at no additional cost. You don’t have to worry about which upgrades to go with and which to avoid because they are all included as standard options in all of our home plans.

Competitive Offerings – Save on Average 30% When Building a Multi-Level Home in Camano, WA

Finally, True Built also makes a difference when it comes to the final bill. On average, our customers tend to save around 30% when they build with us. Since many people searching for modern multi-level homes are already concerned about the price, this discount is important. 

Proudly Serving Camano, Washington

Camano, Washington, is a great place to build a home, and we believe we can provide the best homes in the area. We’ll take care to construct a home according to your specifications and your needs. We’ll even stay in constant communication with you throughout the process, so we can make sure we’re going about the construction in a way that works for you. In the end, you have a multi-level house that will provide what you need while also being the envy of other homeowners in the area.