Build a True Built Home and build your wealth

By not following the crowd, you could jump start your investment and equity position while enjoying new home living.

The Jasper Park

The Jasper Park. Nearly 3,000 sq ft and a two car garage.

Name Brand Products

Lewis Mann discusses True Built Home Name Brand Products.

What Makes True Built Home Different?

Company owner Lewis Mann talks about some of the things that make True Built Home Different from other Pacific Northwest region builders.

Build a Home and Build Wealth

Learn how building a home can help you gain equity and build wealth.

Cody and Sammie Beck of Idaho

What we love is the flexibility and the finishes!

Cheaper methods of building, why True Built Home is different

Our hardwood trim is a standard.

Name brand finishes

Faucet packages

Para Nuestros amigos de Espanol

Que es True Built Home

3 billion plastic bottles

What do you get when you cross innovation and Mohawk Carpets?

Jasper Park-Prosser oh and thanks Mike for the wine!

Why build with True Built Home?

Windham Hill in Olympia

1675 sq ft home, perhaps our most popular smaller house plans, features three attractive gables, open floor plan, 5 piece master bath and a little covered porch off the back. Enjoy

What do you really get?

When comparing our company’s standard features with others, we are very transparent and try our best to let you know just what you are getting. However, when others don’t even let you know what even the faucets brands is, what else will you be surprised by!

The Richland

The Richland is a large two story. These folks dressed it up beautifully.

The Ashton Park

Why build the Ashton Park? Its just a beautiful house

Hardie Color Plus

Don’t want to paint your house for 15 years? This product just might be your stroke of genius

Sales staff that knows what you going through

Having a True Built Home sales person know what you are going through should mean a lot

Keeping things affordable

Knowing our homes, we save you money

Windham Hill Kitsap area with de-tatched garage

True Built Home is determined to give you the highest quality home for the money. After all, if you are going to get a long term loan, should you build a long term home! While other on your lot builds build great rental homes, or starter homes, True Built Home’s standard features are our competitors upgrades!

Windham Hill Exterior in Kitsap County

One of our top 5 selling homes, the Windham Hill features a inviting, double gable front elevation. True Built Home’s standard features are highlighted in this home as all but the fireplace on the inside is an upgrade. Why not settle for more with a True Built Home, A Great Way To A Great Home!