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Shop Affordable ADU Houses for Sale in Keizer, Oregon

Affordability matters when looking at ADU homes in Keizer, Oregon. House plans with an in-law suite can end up costing more than you would think, to the point where it isn’t worth it. Even cheaper ones can end up being expensive, considering what you get from them. 

However, building an ADU home from scratch can be surprisingly affordable. This is especially true if you choose the right building company. With the right building company, an ADU house can be affordable and still be high-quality. 

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Keizer, Oregon ADU Home Plans for Attached ADU, Detached ADU, In-Law Suites, & More

When it comes to accessory dwelling unit plans, the plan itself makes a difference. Attached, detached, and other options need to be planned out well. Otherwise, the house won’t provide the functionality it needs. 

So, the company building the home matters as well. Companies like True Built take time and effort to design homes and then take an equal degree of effort to execute these designs. 

The True Built Home Difference

When it comes to quality ADU floor plans, True Built is unmatched. We can build ADU homes that easily match or exceed our customers’ expectations.

Award-Winning Keizer, Oregon Home Builders with an In-House Design Team 

The True Built home difference starts with the design process. Our design team has crafted a wide range of beautiful accessory dwelling unit house plans. This includes options with garages, without garages, with multiple stories, with only one story, and even some with outside decks and patios. 

All ADU Plans & ADU Homes Come with High-Quality Premium Features Included – No Additional Costs

One of the biggest differences ADU plans from True Built have is premium features. Most companies charge extra for premium features. However, we offer them for free with every home we build. This makes the building process easy because you don’t have to worry about what upgrades to make, and it also means that all of our homes are high-quality, even the most basic ones. 

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Customizable & Energy-Efficient ADU Home Plans 

ADU homes have the potential to be a bit lackluster when it comes to energy efficiency. These small homes will leak energy when improperly built. This is problematic, especially when heating is necessary for the cold Oregon winters. However, the ADU floor plans from True Built take energy efficiency into account. 

Enhanced Communication Platform To Stay In Touch Throughout Your Project

One of the aspects of our business process that we are most proud of is our communication platform. This communication platform allows us to stay in constant contact with our clients. At the very beginning, we’ll use it to help refine potential ADU designs and pick one that works for you. Then, we’ll keep in touch throughout the process so that you can make any necessary alterations. 

Proudly Serving Keizer, Oregon

We are happy to build homes across Oregon. We truly believe that True Built homes, particularly our home plans with an in-law suite, are the best homes out there. We believe that our work stands for itself and proves this point. So, we proudly serve the residents of Keizer, Oregon. We think once you see our homes, you’ll have to agree with us. 

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