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Shop Affordable Multi-Level Homes for Sale in Poulsbo, Washington

There is a lot to love in Poulsbo, Washington. Beautiful strips of nature, an incredible waterfront, a charming city center, and plenty of bars and restaurants are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what this town has to offer.

However, there is one big downside. Poulsbo is a bit more limited on space in some areas. It can be tough to find a big lot, which can make it tough to find a big house. Luckily, multi-level floor plans help solve this issue.

Multi-Level Floor Plans are Perfect for Smaller Lots

If you only have access to a small lot in Poulsbo, you might think you are limited to having a small home. A basic one-story home like this is great, but you may want more room to stretch your legs. If this is the case, you want a multi-level home.

A multi-level house manages to minimize the physical footprint of a home while maximizing the space it offers. It offers nearly double the amount of space that a single-story home offers. Despite this, it doesn’t take up any more room on the property. So, you can feel free to build up when you can’t build to either side.

The True Built Poulsbo Home Difference

You can approach multi-level home plans in many different ways. However, the best approach is to go with True Built. The True Built difference truly matters and will make sure your Poulsbo home is the best it can be.

Award-Winning Poulsbo, Washington Builders & In-House Designers

One of the biggest differences that sets True Built homes apart from the competition is how they are designed. True Built has a wide range of different multi-level house plans available. Each of these was carefully crafted by our team of in-house designers. Despite this, you still have room to make them your own through some customization options. This allows you to take the best of what professionals can do and run with it or add your own unique spin to it.

All Plans & Homes Come with Premium Features – No Additional Costs

Most builders out there charge you a basic price for basic features and a premium price for premium features. However, True Built throws the premium features in for free with each home we build. Our customers get premium home elements like upgraded fixtures, quality building materials, and energy-saving insulation in every home we build. This means you get a premium home without paying a premium price.

Competitive Offerings – Save on Average 30% When Building a Multi-Level Home in Poulsbo, WA

Speaking of price, True Built offers benefits in that category, too. People who choose to build a multi-level house with us generally save around 30% on their costs. This can be a massive savings when it comes to the total cost of a home. You can then put these savings toward furnishing your new home and setting up your new life in Poulsbo.

Proudly Serving Poulsbo, Washington

True Built builds homes across the great state of Washington. However, we’re particularly thrilled when we get to build homes in gorgeous places like Poulsbo. In these areas, we want your home to look just as beautiful as the area around it. We’ll work with you to make this possible and ensure your True Built multi-level home is your dream home.