Multi-Level Homes In Whidbey Island, Washington

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Shop Affordable Multi-Level Homes for Sale in Whidbey Island, Washington

Getting an affordable home isn’t always easy. However, multi-level homes make it just a little easier. 

If you’re looking for multi-level homes for sale in Whidbey Island, Washington, look no further than True Built. We have house options that can suit the needs of anyone with an interest in the area. 

Multi-Level Floor Plans are Perfect for Smaller Lots

Whidbey Island, Washington, is a great place for any kind of home. However, some of the lots can be a little small. This makes floor plans for one-level homes a little cramped. 

Because of this, multi-level homes are a great option. They allow you to stay within the confines of a smaller lot while not compromising on space. You can end up with a large and spacious home even if the lot doesn’t seem like it should accommodate one. 

The True Built Whidbey Island Home Difference

Not all multi-level homes are built equally. The best of the best are built by True Built. 

Award-Winning Whidbey Island, Washington Builders & In-House Designers

If you’re building a multi-level home, you don’t want to settle. You want to get a quality house that you’ll enjoy for years to come. 

The best way to do this is to go with True Built. All of our homes are designed by our expert team of in-house designers. They’ve crafted a selection of modern multi-level homes that we feel proud of and are sure you’ll enjoy. 

All Plans & Homes Come with Premium Features – No Additional Costs

Energy-efficient windows, quality siding, effective insulation, and beautiful fixtures are home features that every homeowner wants. However, they aren’t always included in multi-level floor plans. This is because many home builders choose to go with more basic options so they can charge extra for these features. 

True Built is different. With us, these premium features become standard features. We include all of them and more in each of our multi-level home plans. So, you can get more from your home with no additional cost. 

Competitive Offerings – Save on Average 30% When Building a Multi-Level Home in Whidbey Island, Washington

Money matters when it comes to multi-level house plans. With these, costs can start adding up quickly, leading to a sizable bill at the end of construction. 

However, at True Built, we do our best to keep these costs down. Our customers can expect to save around 30% on average when they build a home with us. This gives you more money to use toward your home, toward a garage or other space, put into the furnishings, or simply keep in savings. No matter what you do with it, you end up with more money than you would if you chose another option. 

Proudly Serving Whidbey Island, Washington

Whidbey Island, Washington, is an amazing place. It is completely surrounded by nature, making it feel incredibly unique. Whether you like it for the nearby national parks or simply enjoy being near the call of Puget Sound, there is a lot to love here. 

That is why True Built is proud to serve this area. We understand what it means to build a home here and are ready to provide this service for anyone who needs it. So, you can trust us when you’re ready to build your multi-level home in Whidbey Island.