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Shop Affordable Multi-Generational Homes for Sale in Vancouver, Washington

Are you looking for affordable multi-generational homes in Vancouver, Washington? Have you considered building a home of your own?

Don’t be fooled by the intimidating nature of building a home. All you have to do is buy a lot and pick out a floor plan. Then, we can take care of the rest for you. This makes having a home of your own easier, more straightforward, and even more affordable. 

Multi-Generational Floor Plans for Your Forever Home

For most people, a multi-generational home is a lifetime investment. They see it as where they will grow old, retire, and may even pass it down to their children. 

Because of this, a high standard of quality is necessary. A home built from cheap materials by lackluster builders will not stand up to the test of time. Some of these homes simply won’t make it that far. Others will need costly repairs that will pop up randomly as the years go by. In either case, it leads to headaches for the homeowners. 

This is why choosing a multi-generational floor plan that will last is important. High-quality multi-generational floor plans, like those available from us at True Built, will not just meet your needs in the present. They will meet your needs in the years to come. 

The True Built Home Difference

Our floor plans aren’t the only reason True Built is the way to go. There are plenty of other ways our business practices make the difference. 

Award-Winning Vancouver, Washington Home Builders & In-House Designers

One of these is our reputation for quality. We have a fantastic team of builders and designers who put together all our projects. 

We also have an award-winning communication platform that puts us in touch with our clients. This communication platform ensures that you can ask us questions or update us regarding changes to what you want. It also makes it easy for us to share updates regarding the home-building process, whether these updates come through pictures or other messages. Communication is key, and our award-winning communication platform makes it easy. 

All Plans & Homes Come with Premium Features – No Additional Costs

Another way in which we meet our reputation for quality is by offering premium features in all of our homes. These features range from functional upgrades, like quality wood framing, to ones that make a home more comfortable, like soft-close doors and drawers in the kitchen. The best part is that we don’t charge more to include these features. Instead, we offer them at no additional cost as part of our commitment to building you a quality home. 

Competitive Offerings – Save on Average 30% on building Multi-Generational Homes in Vancouver, WA

Earlier, we mentioned the fact that building a home ends up being more affordable. Our clients usually save around 30% when building homes with us. So, you don’t just get to take advantage of the long list of benefits already described here; you also get to have all of this at a lower price. 

Proudly Serving Vancouver, Washington

We couldn’t be happier to be a part of the Vancouver, Washington community. Here, we can build homes that make people happier and improve the community as a whole. Plus, the fact that we are locally based makes it easier to do business with people like you.