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Shop Affordable Multi-Generational Homes for Sale in Salem, Oregon

Shopping for multi-generational homes in Salem, Oregon has its ups and downs. However, building a multi-generational home is nothing but positive. Doing so has the potential to provide a beautiful home without all of the hassles of shopping. Plus, the end product is better than anything you could find on the market. 

Multi-Generational Floor Plans for Your Forever Home

When building your own home, you need a floor plan. However, picking the right floor plan for a multi-generational house can be tricky. This is primarily because a multi-generational home is a forever home. So, if you don’t get what you want to start out with, you will have to deal with it for the rest of your life. 

Luckily, there are plenty of great floor plans out there. The ones provided by True Built are designed with care. We also offer a wide range of options because we understand that not every home is for everyone. Doing so allows you to choose what works best for your specific situation. 

The True Built Home Difference

Making use of True Built Home in the home-building process really makes a difference. Keep reading to see all of the positives we bring to the table. 

Award-Winning Salem, Oregon Home Builders & In-House Designers

Our ability to build high-quality homes starts with our builders and designers. These are the people who will expertly craft your vision for a home into a reality. 

It also comes from our award-winning communication platform. This allows us to keep in touch with you as no other company can. Doing so allows us to build the project exactly how you want us to while also delivering helpful updates along the way. 

All Plans & Homes Come with Premium Features – No Additional Costs

True Built Home offers a range of premium features in all of our homes. These are provided at no additional cost but have a big impact on the home as a whole. 

This is particularly true when it comes to multi-generational homes. A great many of the premium features we provide have a direct impact on the durability and longevity of a home. For example, we use high-quality wood known for its structural strength and less prone to warping or twisting. We also use high-quality roof shingles that feature a limited lifetime warranty. We even provide long-lasting lap siding that comes with a 25-Year Limited Warranty. All of these features come together to create a home that is built to last. 

Competitive Offerings – Save on Average 30% on building Multi-Generational Homes in Salem, OR

In building a multi-generational home, price is a big factor. The home is on the large end of homes and, because of this, costs more. In addition, you want the job done right so that it will last a lifetime. 

This is another reason to go with True Built. On average, our clients save 30% when building multi-generational homes. For a job like this, that is a massive saving!

Proudly Serving Salem, Oregon

Being a part of the Salem, Oregon community allows us to do our job better. Working in the area has given us knowledge of local laws, building regulations, and how the entire home-building process plays out. This makes us more effective and means there is no issue too big for us to handle. It also helps define us as the clear choice in the area.