Multi-Level Homes In Benton County, Oregon

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Shop Affordable Multi-Level Homes for Sale in Benton County, Oregon

Are you trying to optimize your living area while keeping your outdoor space intact? Then, you’ve come to the right place at True Built Homes and our fantastic multi-level home plans!


Our thoughtfully crafted double-story floor plans aim to maximize your available space by stacking your living and sleeping quarters vertically rather than horizontally.


Ideal for compact lots or properties with size limitations, these homes offer a perfect solution without skimping on style.


Boasting customizable options and eco-friendly design elements, you’ll enjoy the perfect blend of form and function.


Browse our incredible range of multi-level homes in Benton County, Oregon, immediately, and take the first step towards living your dream life!

Multi-Level Floor Plans are Perfect for Smaller Lots

Do you have a modest lot but dream of a roomy home? True Built Home’s multi-level floor plans have got you covered. By shifting your living and sleeping areas vertically instead of horizontally, you can maximize your available space while adhering to your lot’s limitations.


Our adaptable floor plans enable you to craft the ideal multi-level home to suit your requirements and tastes, from cozy two-story houses to more expansive multi-level layouts.


Featuring top-notch amenities at no additional charge, you can relish the comforts of an energy-efficient home without stretching your budget.

The True Built Benton County Home Difference

True Built Home places the utmost importance on ensuring our customers are happy and satisfied. 


Our team, composed of exceptional home builders and in-house designers, is dedicated to crafting tailor-made, eco-friendly, and reasonably priced homes that cater to our client’s unique needs and tastes.


We’re committed to offering a seamless building journey from beginning to end, emphasizing open communication and clarity at every process stage.

Award-Winning Benton County, Oregon Builders & In-House Designers

Are you seeking an award-winning home builder with in-house designers in Benton County, Oregon? Your quest ends at True Built Homes!


Our skilled builders and designers are committed to helping you bring your dream home to life.


Whether a multi-level home plan, a customizable ADU home plan, or a multi-generational home, we possess the know-how and resources to turn your vision into reality.


Rely on us to construct a superior, energy-efficient home that will delight you and your family for many years.


Contact us now to begin building your dream residence in Benton County, Oregon!

All Plans & Homes Come with Premium Features – No Additional Costs

At True Built Homes, we believe that top-quality features should be part of your home’s price without any unforeseen expenses. 


We aim to deliver exceptional, energy-efficient homes at a reasonable cost.


Here are some of the first-rate features included in our multi-level home plans:


  • Eco-friendly windows
  • High-performance heating units
  • Adaptable floor plans tailored to your specific requirements and tastes
  • An array of sizes and styles to pick from
  • Roomy and cozy living spaces
  • Well-equipped kitchens and bathrooms
  • Robust and enduring construction materials


Incorporating these deluxe features allows you to relish a comfortable and efficient home without incurring extra charges.

Competitive Offerings – Save on Average 30% When Building a Multi-Level Home in Benton County, OR

Are you in the market for a roomy multi-level home that won’t drain your finances? Our acclaimed builders in Benton County, Oregon, provide attractive pricing without sacrificing quality.


On average, save 30% when constructing a multi-level home with True Built Homes. Our in-house designers collaborate with you to develop a personalized floor plan that caters to your every requirement.


Whether you desire a two-story house or a multi-level residence, our team is ready to assist.

Contact us now to discover more about our appealing options and start constructing your dream home!

Proudly Serving Benton County, Oregon

True Built Home takes pride in catering to Benton County, Oregon, with our unique multi-level home plans and construction services.


Our in-house design team collaborates closely with you to craft the ideal multi-level home tailored to your requirements and tastes.

By incorporating eco-friendly elements and top-notch materials, we’re dedicated to making your dream home a reality.