Adu/In-Law Suite Houses In Troutdale, Oregon

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You might have recently moved into your new home and discovered it’s not big enough for your family. Or maybe you want to create more space to add in an office or hobby room.


In that case, you must contact our builders for ADU/In-law suite houses in Troutdale, Oregon. We are the best in the area when it comes to creating in laws suite house plans.

Shop Affordable ADU Houses for Sale in Troutdale, Oregon

One of the reasons why residents in Troutdale, Oregon, comes to True Built Home for ADU plans is due to affordability. We offer various plan options to help you create an ideal addition to your home that’ll fit your budget. 


Our customizable ADU floor plans allow you to keep or add features to your home. This will enable you to discover what you can or can’t afford. If you like an idea of your budget, view our ADU designs pricing.

Troutdale ADU Home Plans for Attached ADU, Detached ADU, In-Law Suites, & More

With True Built Homes, you’ll find the perfect ADU designs to help you create the spacious home of your dreams. Some of the ADU floor plans you can create include the following:


  • 1 bedroom ADu floor plans
  • 24×24 mother-in-law suite
  • 500 sq ft ADU plans
  • 30×30 house plans
  • 800 sq ft ADU floor plans
  • 2 bedroom ADU plans
  • In-law apartment floor plans
  • Garage ADU designs


So, if you need a ranch-style house, mother-in-law suite plans, or a 2-story ADU, go Google “ADU builders near me” to find the right company for your dream home.


The True Built Home Difference

Why is True Built Home considered the best for ADU/In-law suite houses in Troutdale, Oregon? This is a great question; you’ll find the answer in the following sections.

Award-Winning Troutdale, Oregon Home Builders with an In-House Design Team

It all started when the owner of True Built Homes, Lewis Mann, decided to branch out to build his own business. He knew many home builders cared less about building safe and beautiful homes for customers and just wanted to sell cheap quality homes.


So, to protect and educate homeowners in Troutdale, Oregon, Lewis created a team of home designers who can build home plans with in law suite at a fraction of the price of many other builders in the area. So, if you’re looking for builders who care deeply about your safety and pockets, you will be satisfied by Lewis and his in-house ADU design team.

All ADU Plans & ADU Homes Come with High-Quality Premium Features Included – No Additional Costs

One of the problems you may face with home builders is having to pay extra for high-quality features. However, True Built Homes add special features at no additional cost to you.


You can gain beautiful quartz countertops, energy-efficient windows, long-lasting sliding, and more! Explore our standard home features to see other amenities you can receive in your ADU house


Customizable & Energy-Efficient ADU Home Plans

The unique features included with your accessory dwelling unit floor plans will help you save money in the long run. For example, our energy-efficient windows and air conditioning units reduce your bills’ overall costs. 


We want you to live in your new space without paying extra. So, when our in-house ADU design team builds your additional room, we look for ways to make it as energy-efficient as possible.


Enhanced Communication Platform to stay in touch throughout your project

In addition to the high-quality features, we offer an enhanced communication platform so you can stay informed throughout the project. In addition, our online platform allows you to stay organized on every essential document. As communication is vital to design projects, you’ll never have to worry about being unable to contact us or staying updated on what’s happening.


Proudly Serving Troutdale, Oregon

If you’re looking to build ADU/in-law suite houses in Troutdale, Oregon, you must contact True Built Homes. Not only do we serve Troutdale, but we also serve the surrounding areas such as Salem, Or, Arlington, WA, and Spokane, WA. So, contact us for home plans today!