5  Mistakes People Make When Building a Home

5 Mistakes People Make When Building A Home If only, if only! People have been repeating those words for years after having made a choice or decision that they later regretted: “if only I had . . .”. That can. . . continue reading

A Step by Step Guide to the Home Building Process

How a home is made A lot of customers new to the home building process don’t know what to expect of the months ahead. It’s important to know what you’re getting into before you take the plunge and decide to. . . continue reading

Build a True Built Home and Build Your Wealth

Buying a home by the traditional route can be a bad investment, especially if the economy takes a downturn. Buy the right home, though, the right way, and you will find yourself building your wealth instantly. At True Built. . . continue reading

Build the House You Want (and Can Afford)

For many people, deciding to build a home for the first time may seem like a nearly impossible task. Don’t let the time commitment, money, or stressful decisions deter you, though; building a home is a wonderful process that results. . . continue reading

How It Works?

At True Built Home we frequently sell homes to clients with no construction background, many of whom feel somewhat overwhelmed with the process. During construction you will hear many terms used that you might not have heard before (framer, header, step foundation, etc). If. . . continue reading

How To Buy A Home

If you are in the market for a home, be it your first or your fifth, it may not seem possible to build something new. It can be intimidating and, if you’re not careful, the cost can inflate quickly. If. . . continue reading

Making a Small Home Feel Larger

Smaller homes such as ADU’s and casitas offer many advantages over larger homes. Smaller homes are usually less expensive and occupy a smaller footprint on the lot, leaving more space for those who love big yards. House cleaning is much easier, and wasted space. . . continue reading

New Home 101: Building a New Home, Part 1

How to go about building a new home If you’re new to building a home, it’s good to have a guide for how to go about it. To get the best quality home for the lowest price, you have to. . . continue reading

Realistic Expectations

When a person wants to buy a home, most commonly they employ a realtor to help them find a house that’s already been built and previously lived in-perhaps by several owners-and they buy that house. Even a person who is. . . continue reading

Reflecting on the 2016 Revised Washington State Energy Code

What the new Washington state energy standards mean for home builders New Washington homes need to meet revised energy efficiency standards according to the new energy codes in effect since July 1, 2016. If you’re looking to build a new. . . continue reading

Replacing a Mobile or Manufactured Home with a Stick Built Home

If you are contemplating having a stick framed home built for mobile home replacement, then the information below will be helpful. It’s good to know that others like yourself have done this. In fact a healthy percentage of Pacific Northwest. . . continue reading

Save Money with a Permitting Specialist

“Bureaucracy” – doesn’t the word alone give you the creeps? It does us too. However, there are some intrepid folk out there who actually know how to deal with the government officials and contractors who are involved in getting your home. . . continue reading

Septic System Basics

All modern homes built in the United States have some system for disposing of effluent (AKA “Poop”) from the house. In most suburban areas, effluent is directed from the house to a piping system that leads to a city sewer. . . continue reading

Setting Up Your Temporary And Permanent Power

Part of home building for Washington Home Builders is getting electricity to your new home. This involves 2 phases: temporary and permanent power. If you have a modular or manufactured home, you may already have a pole that can be. . . continue reading

A Word About Slab-on-Grade Floors

Several times throughout the year, we are often asked about doing a home with a slab-on-grade as the main surface for the home.  Which is better? a crawl space, as we do, or a slab-on-grade? Some will argue that a. . . continue reading

Building on an Existing Foundation

We are often asked if we can build a home on an existing foundation. It really is on a case-by-case basis. Here is why: Foundations are designed for the home that they were initially designed for. So, if you have. . . continue reading

House Framing

Floor Once a foundation is installed, then framers begin to build the structure of the house. If the house is on a slab foundation, the framers start by erecting the walls. However, if the house is built on a crawl. . . continue reading

How Long Does It Take

How Long Will it Take to Build My Home? Because our program involves homeowner participation, the answer to this to a great degree depends on the homeowner. When the homeowner follows the instructions he/she receives, and monitors the schedule, the. . . continue reading

Land Purchase and Development – What You Need to Know

The following observations have been written as a simple guide. There are things to be aware of when looking for land. The characteristics of the land will subsequently affect your choice as to what home you will choose to build. . . continue reading

Learn About Cemplank Lap Siding

Cemplank® lap siding Is an attractive and durable alternative to vinyl and hard board siding. The cedar grain texture of Cemplank provides a wood appearance with proven fiber cement performance. Our unique formulation resists termites and rotting, is non-combustible and. . . continue reading

Learn About Site Development

Before we can build your home for you, you will need to have your home site developed. What is involved in Site Development? The articles listed below deal with various aspects of site development. These articles are not intended as a. . . continue reading

Planning Ahead

EXTERIOR MATERIALS AND SPECIFICATIONS: Are you considering building a new home? If so, there are certain facts that you need to consider. First and foremost what we want our clients to understand is that construction is like having a baby. . . continue reading

Stick Built vs. Manufactured Home

HISTORY OF MOBILE AND MANUFACTURED HOMES: The use of movable or mobile homes dates as far back as the late 19th century in the United States, when teams of horses transported homes on wheels to beach front properties along the Outer. . . continue reading