Making a Small Home Feel Larger

Smaller homes such as ADU’s and casitas offer many advantages over larger homes. Smaller homes are usually less expensive and occupy a smaller footprint on the lot, leaving more space for those who love big yards. House cleaning is much easier, and wasted space is minimal. Heating and other energy costs are often reduced.

On the other hand a smaller home is . . . well  . . . smaller. This doesn’t need to be a disadvantage though. If you have a smaller home, it is possible to make the space feel larger than is actually is. Conversely, a small room can be perceived as smaller if the space is not optimized for utility.

What are some ways to make a smaller home feel larger than it is?

  • Use of light: Lighter usually feels larger. Larger windows make the room feel open to the outside. Use accessories that emit and/or reflect light such as large mirrors, and track lighting.

One advantage of building a brand new home is having skylights installed during construction. Skylights can offer light from above which can make the home feel brighter.

  • Paint walls a lighter color: Painting walls a darker color may make the room cozier, but it can also have the effect of making it feel smaller. Lighter pastel colors are usually best for making a room feel larger.

Related to use of color is the color of the wood used. For example, light wood stains make smaller kitchens seems larger. Lighter doors make longer hallways seem more open, and so forth.

  • Clear out the clutter: Clutter always makes your rooms feel smaller. So avoid hanging on to furniture that isn’t used much. Make good use of space under beds and other furniture for storage. Get rid of stuff that’s just lying around. Everything in a room should have a purpose. If something new comes in, something old needs to be removed.
  • Open up floor space: Show as much floor as possible. Try to move furniture against the wall. Use a see through glass coffee table instead of a solid wood one. Smaller furniture usually works best. For example, if there are only two of you, do you really need a large couch? A loveseat may work just as well and make the room feel larger.
  • Keep the air moving: stagnant air can make a space feel constricted. If you’d rather not open windows, a ceiling fan or heat pump will give movement to the air that will create a more comfortable environment.
  • Pick an open floor plan: Having your kitchen open into the living room is more social and also makes both the kitchen and the living room feel larger.

True Built Home’s designers are very conscious of making the kitchen open and comfortable for the cook of the house. You will notice that his kitchen plans are open and the layout of the appliances is logical.

You don’t have to feel cramped in a small home. By following these practical suggestions, your small home will feel larger.

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