Full House Sound Systems

Full house sound used to be considered a luxury. Today, it’s become more common, easy, and affordable. While it is possible to wire a house after the walls are closed, it is very difficult. You can save yourself a headache later by doing this before sheetrock is hung.

One of the advantages of a stick built home over a manufactured or mobile home is that it is much easier to install speakers and wiring before

Systems themselves are becoming easier to use. Control capabilities can vary from a simple volume control to an automated touch screen that allows you to not only browse your digital music library but control lighting and intercom systems. There is elevator music and then there is rich, dynamic sound that rivals a large stereo system. Better wire, better electronics and better design are critical to achieve maximum enjoyment. You can enjoy your system in different rooms of the house simultaneously, allowing multiple users to listen to the same audio source or a different program altogether. The kids can listen to a CD in the back yard, Mom can listen to satellite radio in the den and Dad can listen to his MP3’s in the garage.

If you decide to run wiring for a full house sound system yourself, you will first need to let True Built Home know no later than at the time of your preconstruction meeting so that we can schedule it in with our project manager. You will need to obtain a low voltage electrical permit, which you can do through your local building department. It can take about 1 week from the application to receipt of the permit, and the wiring must be run before the installation of insulation so please plan your schedule accordingly.

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