Learn About Cemplank Lap Siding

Cemplank® lap siding

Is an attractive and durable alternative to vinyl and hard board siding. The cedar grain texture of Cemplank provides a wood appearance with proven fiber cement performance. Our unique formulation resists termites and rotting, is non-combustible and provides long-term durability. With several popular textures to choose from Cemplank lap siding allows for variety and flexibility in any design.

Paint Cemplank lap siding in the color of your choice to enhance the beauty of your home. It provides outstanding weatherability with low maintenance and comes with a twenty-five year limited product warranty.


Termite Resistant


Cemplank® siding products are resistant to the damaging effects of termites.





Cemplank fiber-cement siding provides strength and good impact resistance without sacrificing the natural look of wood.




In addition to their durability, Cemplank siding products are non-combustible and have a zero flame-spread index and a smoke-development index of 5.



Ease of Installation & FinishingEasy install

Cemplank siding products are installed just like wood and the low cost of installation makes Cemplank the easy choice for any exterior.



Moisture ResistantMoisture

Cemplank siding products offer protection from damage caused by the excessive and prolonged exposure to moisture.



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