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The Whisky Extravaganza

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11-1-16The 2016 Whisky Extravaganza is almost here!

On Friday, November 11, the Whisky Extravaganza will be coming to Seattle, Washington! Lovers of whisky won’t want to miss out on this amazing opportunity to sample the finest whiskies from all over the world. Ticketing and other information is available at: With events like this happening nearly every day, it’s no wonder that so many people are looking to relocate to Seattle. At True Built Home, we will work with you to help you build your dream home in the Seattle area:

America’s Largest Antique and Collectible Show

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10-27-16You never know what you’ll find at the antiques show!

Come out to the Portland Expo Center for America’s Largest Antique and Collectible show to discover all of the beautiful and historic items on display!’s-largest-antique-and-collectible-show-3

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Top 5 Reasons To Be Energy Efficient

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10-25-16Being energy efficient is a great thing for so many reasons, but these are among the best.

Being energy efficient is a great thing that can actually be more helpful than you might think. In addition to yourself, you are also helping your family, the environment, and your community! It requires some extra planning when building your own home. But, the benefits cannot be understated. Making sure your home is energy efficient could end up being one of the best decisions that you’ll ever make for yourself and others!

First of all, making your home energy efficient means there is a lot less wasted energy in your house. In other words, that means you are not paying for energy going through your home that nobody wanted or asked for! There are so many things you can do to reduce your cost of living by being energy efficient. Why not wash those clothes in cold water? Why not use light bulbs that only use as much energy as they need to create light? Why not buy a refrigerator that efficiently regulates its temperature, saving you money on keeping your food fresh? There aren’t many reasons not to, and making the changes could save you hundreds annually on energy bills.

Second of all, energy efficiency helps to make your community better! When homes are energy efficient, people have more money in their pockets. Therefore, it can help boost a community’s economy. Large-scale energy efficiency can help improve national security by allowing more and more homeowners to be less dependent on those who control the energy. Not to mention, the money and energy saved nationally can be allocated to other important areas.

Finally, your choice to be energy efficient can affect everyone around you by improving the environment and helping to improve overall quality of life. As we conserve natural resources, we deplete them from the Earth much slower and stop putting much of them into our air. Furthermore, increased energy efficiency can make things like public transportation and private business more useful. This creates a chain reaction that generally makes everyone happier and allows us to live a higher quality life.

You can read more reasons why becoming energy efficient is a good idea at:

If you’re looking to build an energy efficient home in Washington State, visit True Built Home and let us help!

Oktoberfest Northwest

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10-6-16You won’t want to miss Oktobertfest Northwest!

If you’re in the Tacoma area from October 7-9, don’t forget to come out to Oktoberfest Northwest! Come and experience Washington’s rich German Heritage. You’ll experience some of the best food, drink, and entertainment that the area has to offer!

When most people think Oktoberfest, they think about the fun activities for those of us 21 and older. Don’t worry, because Oktoberfest Northwest boasts some of the best German beer. But, did you know that the Fethalle main stage music and entertainment runs from noon until midnight? You also won’t want to miss the amazing food, wiener dog races, Stein Dash 5k, and the legendary Hammerschlagen® bar game. Think you can drive a nail into a cross section of wood the fastest? Prove it!

Speaking of amazing food, individuals who are able will not want to miss the VIP Dinner & Experience. Admission is $120 ($100 pre-sale), which gets you an authentic 3 course German dinner, a meet and greet with Oktoberfest Northwest host Manuela Horn, live polka music, a private bar, and much more!

If you’re bringing the whole family, don’t forget that kids 12 and under get in free all weekend, but aren’t allowed in after 7pm. But, before then, there are a whole host of activities for all ages! Bring the kids out to experience the root bier garten, a scavenger hunt, free pumpkin decorating, free face painting, an authentic May pole dance, arts & crafts projects with the Tacoma German Language School, kids Hammerschlagen®, corn hole toss, and Manuela Horn’s Kinderfest show on Sunday!

The festivities in 2016 take place from October 7 to October 9 in Washington’s largest Munich-style Festhalle Biergarten. You can get in for free on Friday, October 7 from 12-3. Admission is only $12 through the rest of the weekend, until Sunday when the price drops by half to $6.

More information on Oktoberfest Northwest can be found here:

Looking to move to northwest Washington and become part of the amazing culture? Visit True Built Home and let us help build your dream home!

Reflecting on the 2016 revised Washington State Energy Code

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As of July 1, 2016 all Washington State home builders are subject to new energy codes that have resulted in state-wide price increases. In a nutshell, builder receives credits when they use energy saving methods in the home construction process. In the past, the number of credits required for a medium dwelling unit (1501 – 5000 sf.) were 1.5 and could be met in a variety of methods. A hybrid hot water tank could get you 1.5 credits and it still can, but the state has moved the proverbial bar higher and now all builders have to get 3.5 credits for medium dwelling units. How we obtain those credits can be either good or bad for both builders and those desiring to build. How so? It’s imperative that you understand what you are building into your home and that the credits the builder is offering is economical for you, not just the builder. Adding these energy saving items is obviously good for you and the environment in the end. Will you have to purchase additional things for your home to make it comfortable? Let us explain.

Some builders are offering standard ductless units on all their homes to obtain 1.0 credit, and then obtaining the other 2.5 in a variety of means. Ductless units by-the-way were invented as demand for cheap A/C and heat were needed for older homes. It is minimally invasive because it literally is like a wall A/C unit that hung out of the window. They are in demand for retro-homes or remodels. Granted, for homes 1500 square feet and smaller, these units with one head for both heat and cooling may indeed be sufficient. We ourselves take this approach for all of our homes 1500 sf. and smaller. However, on a two story or a large rambler, if you want to get cooling and heat in all areas of the home, more heads are needed. Imagine while ordering your home from other builders and you are told that if you want sufficient cooling and heat in other areas of your 2,500 sf. home, you have to pay an additional $2-3-4k more!  Why would the builder offer the home in such a way? Because it’s their least expensive means to obtain the credits needed. This will put the client in an awkward position if you want even heating and cooling in the whole house. How so?  Because the builder will offer you an upgrade for extra heads for the ductless unit or offer the option/upgrade that True Built Home does standard-the furnace and heat pump! True Built Home has taken a completely different approach.

Ductless units have their place. However, on larger single-story homes and two-story homes, they make little sense. In this regard, True Built Home offers a high efficient electric furnace and heat pump system standard on all homes 1500 square feet and larger. This gives us 1.0 credit, just like a ductless unit, without the additional expense to the homeowner of adding more heads to sufficiently cool and heat the rest of the home. Let that sink in a bit. Because, when company personnel sit down to discuss these very things, some companies think, “how can we make more money”, while we always take the approach, “how can we add value to our homes”.

In the end, don’t be fooled by some who say that ductless are the “only” way to go. They indeed do have a purpose, but not when you have to pay more for some that could have simply been addressed the right way to begin with.

True Built Home – How we purpose to meet the new Washington Energy Codes

  1. High efficient electric furnace package along with high efficient heat pump system
  2. Low-flow Moen faucets-rated #1 JD Powers
  3. R38 under the floor
  4. LowE .28 windows
  5. Heat pump (hybrid) electric water heater

*Where natural gas can be substituted, an additional up-charge will apply for additional venting and piping.

Common Home Building Mistakes

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9-27-16Building a home for the first time can be difficult, but if you avoid these common mistakes that people make when building a home, the process will be so much easier. Follow these tips for a smooth home building experience.

First, always work with a contractor you can trust, and never trust a contractor who doesn’t trust you. Even if the company is legitimate, if the contractor can’t trust you then the professional relations will be less than ideal. If a contractor is asking you to pay upfront for the cost of the entire house, for example, rather than forming a payment plan that is contingent upon certain steps of the construction being completed, then you know that the contractor is either untrustworthy or doesn’t trust you, and trying to work with them will not pan out well.

Finding a trustworthy contractor is much easier when you work with a professional project manager. Many homebuilders make the mistake of trying to go it alone, figuring that with enough research they could perform the job just as well themselves. This is a dangerous way to go, however, as an experienced professional will know who to trust off the bat, while an outsider will be much more likely to fall into a scam.

While it’s important to stick to your budget, situations like this show that you cannot rely on cutting corners to build your home for less money. If you don’t have the money to build your home to the quality you want, you shouldn’t be building. Instead, put the money away and wait until you have a bigger budget to work with. Skimping now will cost you much more down the road in maintenance and repair fees.

Similarly, make sure you know before the final draft of blueprints is drawn out exactly what you want in your home, down to every last detail. Changing something seemingly insignificant could drastically alter the way the home is structured, and doing so after construction has begun will cost you precious time and money. If you don’t understand an aspect of the blueprints or if you aren’t sure what you like, point it out while it’s in the drafting process.

For more tips on how to avoid common home building pitfalls, read this helpful article from StyleAtHome:

When building with True Built Home, you can rest assured that your home is in good hands. Visit us and see how we can help you through each step of the homebuilding process at: