April sees a jump in home values! Are you a participant or a bystander?

With the latest good news about housing values, many are getting in on a perceived “bottom” of the market. If this is a true “bottom”, the next few years could increase the equity value of clients who take advantage of the on-your-lot building programs. True Built Home hopes you all enjoy the next few years of accelerated growth in the housing market. To see what those in the market are saying, click here for the latest market watch news on the housing market. A recent poll that we took showed that nearly 96% of all of our past clients are enjoying equity in their homes. Some between 5-10k with 10% enjoying more than $50,000. Are you the type of person who would enjoy a sizable amount in equity out of your home? Contact us and we will educate you about the on-your-lot program.

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