Ballenger 1760 sqft. The client speaks out!

Just wanted to say we couldn’t be happier with our decision to build a home with True Built Home! We did a LOT of research before deciding what builder to go with and you definitely lived up to our expectations. Our Superintendent was wonderful to work with, he had to put up with a lot considering there were three people making decisions and communicating with him on this build (and none of us are easy to please). I worked for two different custom home builders out of Snohomish County and it was rare to ever have a build go this smoothly… I just really wanted to say KUDOS to True Built Homes and please feel free to use us for a reference in the future. We are also happy to show our home if someone in our area wants to see a finished product.

Thanks again,
Mischa Venables

Thanks you Venables Family!
-Staff True Built Home

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