Color Plus Siding by James Hardie

At True Built Home we can also help you save money on your painting. With other builders, you will have to paint the siding which will cost about $1-1.25 per sq foot. So, on a  2000 square foot home, the siding would cost about $5,000, and the paint would cost about $2250. That’s about $7250 and you haven’t even moved into the house yet! Then, in about 7 to 8 years you’ll need to paint the home again and you can then expect to pay on average about $3.00 per square foot; the increased cost due to more prep work, more masking, as well as plants, trees, landscaping that the painters will now have to workaround. That will be about $13,000 +/-.

At True Built Home we offer pre-painted Color Plus siding from James Hardie the paint is warrantied to last for 15 years. At about $3.50 per sq foot on your home, on a 2000 sq. foot home that will be about $7,000 upgrade, and you can avoid the time and hassle of 2 paint jobs. Spend $7,000 and save over $13,000 over the first 15 years.

There are some great colors to choose from too: check out their website here: James Hardie Color Plus Technology.

Watch our YouTube video about James Hardie Color plus  here

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