Common Loan Application Requirements

Following is a list of commonly requested items that your lender may require for your loan application. Please bear in mind that different lenders have different requirements and your lender may have additional or in some cases fewer requirements than these.


Most banks will charge you about $25 to run a credit report.
Account numbers and balances for all bank accounts, credit unions, brokerage accounts and retirement account; plus most recent two months statements on all accounts (sometimes 6 months may be required)
Copy of Life Insurance policies
Statements of stocks & bonds


Past two years employment history, completes with addresses, dates from-to, positions held and monthly income
Most recent months pay-stubs and past two years W-2 forms
Verification of any other income (Social security, disability, child support, pensions, retirement, etc)
If self-employed: past two years personal and business tax returns including all schedules plus a profit and loss statement and balance sheet for the current year.
Rental income: Copy of lease or rental agreement. If not currently rented, what is expected?


Schedule of real estate owned if you own more than three properties
Amount of child support paid and copy of decree of dissolution with order of child support
Bankruptcy and/or adverse credit: Provide copy of discharge and schedule of creditors
Name, Address and phone number of current landlord


Copy of divorce decree
Copy of green card if not a US Citizen
Name and phone number of person in charge of Community Water/Home Owners Assn.

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