Hybrid Hot Water Tanks-Why Wise, and How They Work

Having hot water is essential to the modern family. Thanks to some genius in the past, we no longer have to cut word and boil it over a fire! After all, after cutting all that wood, who needs a hot bath or shower.

The old ways of heating the water in a conventional water tank, well are about to “tank” as new methods, along with cheaper methods, come along. Today you have several choices to heat your water to save money. 1. Chop wood and boil (as discussed, not the best way). 2. Electric tank with what essential is a wire coil that heats the water (what most homes have). 3. On demand (stay far away from electrical ones, gas ones are great) 4. Solar (more money, but will eventually come down in price) 5. Hybrid (the most popular choice). Today we are looking at the hybrid means.

Hybrid hot water tanks work a lot like a heat pumps that cool and heat your home in a much more efficient means than an electric furnace package and an air conditioner. The Heat Pump Water Heater is an integrated system that utilizes heat pump technology to provide a more efficient way to heat water with electricity. Similar to your home air conditioner in reverse, the Heat Pump Water Heater extracts heat from the surrounding air and transfers the heat to the water in the tank. This is a very efficient means of heating water, and yields a by-product of cooler, dehumidified air. More storage capacity allows the water heater to operate in the most efficient mode and generate greater savings compared to smaller capacity heat pump models. Greater storage capacity provides more hot showers every morning. Essential, the hybrid hot water tank can save you on average about $300 per year. With local and state rebates, you might be able to re-coop the cost of the hybrid hot water tank in about 3 years or less. The great thing is you should see immediate savings each month. In addition, the hybrid hot water tank has a monitor control area that you can adjust on a moments notice. It will have a vacation mode and by simply touching the button, wham, it converts to vacation mode.

You can check out more information here.

Combine the hybrid with a high efficacy heat pump, some heal trusses, triple pane windows, and you are on your way ever month at savings hundreds and thousands of dollars over the course of these modern products lives.

The Pros and the cons;


  • Saves money every month
  • Quick adjustment to heat settings
  • Pretty cool looking
  • Will make you feel good going green


  • The cost will take about 3 years to re-coop
  • They have to be in the garage or must be vented if installed within the home
  • Makes noise
  • Slightly bigger than a standard hot water tank


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