Oregon home prices hit record in Lane County

Residential Construction
Residential Construction

Although to be clear, True Built Home does not build within Lane County Oregon, we do like to post articles (Average home price in Lane County sets all-time record, beating pre-recession figures) and good reads about housing within our site. Perhaps some of the more sensible reasons folks choose to build with on your lot builders like ourselves is reflected in this article about record home prices for Lane County. The frightening part about this “record” may mean that those folks purchasing housing in areas such as Lane might find that they purchased at the top of the market. However others feel with tighter governmental control of lending practices and other factors, our surging real-estate market should continue. That brings us to another reason why folks choose an on your lot costume home builder like True Built Home. It makes economical sense to build a home and often have walk-in-equity. Even if the market took a nose dive, often clients that build with us do not suffer the same equity loss as those that purchased on the used side of home sales. Here is a good read for you if you need to understand this a bit more.


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