While You’re Building

Drywall, Taping, and Texturing

Drywall is a term used to describe the boards that cover the framing on the inside of your house.  Drywall is also known as sheetrock is created from compressed plaster or gypsum which is then covered by several sheets. . . continue reading

Framing with Fir Tress

Douglas Fir-Western Larch (DF-L) This species combination has the highest modulus of elasticity (MOE or E) value (the stiffness factor in floor systems) of all North American softwoods. In strength properties, DF-L has the highest ratings of any Western softwood. . . continue reading

Raised Heel Truss

In one of the more common areas to save on your heating cost, the raised heel truss with additional insulation is one that is in reach for most of our clients. Essentially, at the ends of the hip part of. . . continue reading

Roof Construction

When you look at the roof of a house, the parts you will readily see are typically the roof covering and the gutters. Under the roofing, however, there is supporting framing. Most modern home builders use trusses for the roof framing. . . continue reading

List of Steps in Home Construction

Below is a list of the various steps involved in building a home. Some of the items listed don’t apply to every home, and some are not always done in the exact order listed. But this gives you a basic overall guide to the steps in the building process. . . continue reading

Septic System Basics

All modern homes built in the United States have some system for disposing of effluent (AKA “Poop”) from the house. In most suburban areas, effluent is directed from the house to a piping system that leads to a city sewer. . . continue reading