Raised Heel Truss

In one of the more common areas to save on your heating cost, the raised heel truss with additional insulation is one that is in reach for most of our clients. Essentially, at the ends of the hip part of the roof, the angle of roof to exterior wall becomes very small. As a result, almost the entire perimeter of the home, where your roof hips, you are losing heat, or better known as money. In the picture below, you will see what a standard home comes like, and what a “raised heel truss” looks like;


By raising the truss up off the top plate and increasing the area between the truss and sheetrock to the roof under sheathing, you effectively gain enough area to provide a higher insulation value for those areas. If we were building both types of homes and they are each roughly 1000 sq ft homes, the house on the left, or a standard truss package, would get only 900 sq ft of R49 whereas the rest of the areas would be roughly R20. That is a significant amount of insulation loss. When raising the heel, effectively you have increased all the areas to get the maximum amount of insulation as possible. Add R60 in the roof and you really have a home that will save you money.

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