Seattle area seeing a New Home Surge

A Seattle Times news story dated 12/26/2012  shows new-home construction this year is heading for its best showing since 2007. Builders and analysts expect this trend to continue into 2013. Through October, in King County alone, about 3,300 building permits were issued for new houses, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. That is up 36 percent from 2011 — and a 99% increase over 2009.

Those interested in building new homes include people moving into the area for employment or military, as well as investors from other countries moving here to be closer to their businesses. In addition,  some locals are wanting to purchase larger houses with more amenities,  but finding few existing homes that are available  They realize that they can build a brand new home customized to their needs and wants in an area that they like for the same or less money than they’d pay for an existing home on the market.

True Built Home is here to satisfy this need in the market. Why not call or email us today and learn how we can make your dream home come True!

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