The Benefits of Green Homebuilding


The benefits and importance of Green Homebuilding, to the environment, the housing market, and the economy, cannot be stressed enough. It benefits the environment, the community, the builder, and the buyer: there are only winners when you build green.

On a grand scale, the residential sector makes up about 20% of the total U.S. energy consumption, as well as carbon dioxide emissions. The amount of energy consumed in the residential sector has risen nearly 35% in the last 30 years alone.

The rise of energy efficient homes, however, is beginning to take its toll on these figures, and today most of the homes being built are, to an extent, energy efficient. This is partially due to contractors recognizing their responsibility to the environment, but also largely due to simple supply and demand. After all, when asked, most homebuyers would say that a green home is a priority.

A proper heating and cooling system is crucial to building a green home, as this is where it is easiest to waste energy. Good insulation and an efficient air-duct system are very important to any green home. Not only does this lower your energy bill, but, as these systems are almost always equipped with the highest quality air filters, it keeps the air you breathe on a daily basis clean and safe.

Not only does a green home lessen a homeowner’s environmental footprint, but in decreasing the amount of energy used, a green home means a smaller energy bill. It is easily a very good investment, especially considering that, despite popular belief, building a green home does not have to be more expensive than a traditional home. In many cases, in fact, the emphasis on efficiency can actually save everyone money, including the builder.

Green homes are also better investments than regular homes, as they almost always have higher resale values. Again, this goes back to the demand for green homes, which are easier to find if you buy new than if you buy used. Buying a green home, then, makes good economic sense. As long as you live in it, your bills will be low, and when you’re ready to leave, you will be able to sell it for a better price.

For a more in-depth account of the benefits of green homebuilding, check out the United States Green Building Council’s helpful article:

At True Built Home, we want the best for you, and the best for the environment, so green homebuilding is our top priority. The way we build our homes is both economically and environmentally sound, so that you know you are getting the best value from every square inch of your home:

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