The Jasmine 3038 sqft 3 car garage!

Here at True Built Home, we listen to the desires and needs of our clients. We are getting more and more requests for bigger homes, 3 car garages, and what’s come to be a staple for many of our homes and clients, a large covered porch. Below we are putting the finishing touches on what we are calling The Jasmine. Please enjoy and if you can recommend anything that you feel will make this home better, please let us know at [email protected]. The home is 3038 sq-ft, a 3 car garage, approximately 400 sq-ft of covered porch, and an all hip roof. Please recall that our designers, on the outside and even on the inside of the home, have taken some liberties to enhance and help folks imagine even more possibilities with the home. Please contact us for pricing at [email protected]

Jasmin 3038 3 car hip front 3d 9.25.14 Jasmin 30308 3 car hip black and white 2     Jasmin 3038 3 car hip front 3d 9.25.14

Click here Jasmin Floor Plan for plan view. Must print for proper viewing

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