The Story of True Built Home and Its Founder, Lewis D. Mann

“We know we have affordable, quality value-priced homes,” asserts Lewis D. Mann, who heads up True Built Home, Inc, a volume builder in the Pacific Northwest, which specifically serves the greater Western Washington area. But with True Built Home, he says “service is the heartbeat of our company,” which sets True Built Home apart from other volume builders. And Lewis D. Mann’s own story helps to explain how his experience and values have helped him to shape a company with the technical know-how to build a quality home and the integrity to follow through with the service he feels customers deserve. His father, a military man, taught Lewis the importance of hard work, and the appreciation for the true value of a dollar. As he worked in landscape design and maintenance as a young man, these values were solidified.

Growing up and moving around with his family, Lewis observed his mother and three sisters as they appreciated amenities like storage and light, and his True Built Home takes these considerations to heart in the designs of their varied floor plans. As he worked with HiLine Homes for over three years during their beginnings in Puyallup, helping to build them, and then as he worked to co-found another large, on- your-lot builder, Lewis gained ten years of valuable experience in the volume-building industry, and at the same time formulated his own ideas for how these businesses could do things better.

In the course of his time with both companies, Lewis speculates he’s sold more than 500 homes and assisted thousands more to understand the process of volume building, and to help them realize their dreams of home ownership. In the course of that time, Lewis forged relationships with vendors and contractors, learning which products and installation methods failed and succeeded. Through that process, he also developed knowledge about the newest and best products. With that experience, Lewis puts together the best packages possible for his homes, ensuring his clients will be afforded choice and value. “I live in a True Built Home,” he says with pride, adding, “my next home will be a True Built Home; I know my competitors can’t say that.”

Most importantly, throughout his life, Lewis D. Mann has learned the value of quality interactions. “Everybody deserves better customer service,” he emphasizes. His goal is to not to serve the most clients, quickly, but to serve discriminating clients in Western Washington, and to potentially soon serve clients in Eastern Washington and Oregon. “We don’t want to be the biggest, but we want to be the best volume home builder on the block,” Lewis suggests. He speaks earnestly about his desire to help his clientele. “I want to be their partner in this,” he declares, musing, “after working with one company that allowed little or no changes in plans, and then another that allowed so much that construction times became an issue, I have settled on the perfect balance.” “What really makes me sleep well at night,” Lewis smiles, “is knowing that we take care of our clients.”

If you would like to learn why Lewis D. Mann says, “True Built Home—A Better Way, A Better Home”, feel free to contact Lewis D. Mann directly at

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