Top 7 Advantages of New Construction Over Resale Homes


As new prospective homeowners or current homeowners seeking to move are looking for a new home, many no doubt are considering buying a newly constructed home as opposed to an existing resale home.  While they may have concerns about price and other factors in having a new home built, the reality is that compared to what may have previously been considered as a luxury only available for the wealthy, today’s new construction homes have opened the market to all ranges in price and styles including many attractive options in single family homes.

There are many benefits to purchasing a new construction home, some of which include the ability to personalize the home according to your lifestyle, meeting new neighbors as the community is built, and significant savings in utility bills with today’s new homes being constructed to a higher standard of energy efficiency with green building techniques.  Joshua Ferris has listed seven advantages of buying a newly built home compared to resale homes, which are summarized below.

A new construction home is really your house from the beginning. An existing resale home is one that another family crafted to fit with their lifestyle. When you have a new home built you have many choices allowing you to customize the home to your own style and needs.

Your neighbors are also new as well. Often a new construction home will be built in a community of new homes, which allows you to meet the new neighbors who are also wanting to meet people and be part of the new community.

Recently built homes tend to be more attractive to home buyers if you sell the home later. As much as you love your new home, at some point you may need to relocate or other life situations might arise causing you to need to sell your home. Your newer home is likely to compare well versus older homes that may need renovation or bringing up to date to meet the needs of the modern homeowner.

You are able to choose the location of your new home. Resale homes are of course tied to their existing location. New building contractors often offer a range of floor plans from which to choose and you can typically have the home built on a lot that you choose in the areas where the contractor builds.

In today’s market, new construction homes often are a more cost effective investment than resale homes. Many existing homeowners have out of necessity priced their homes higher due to the fact that they are underwater in their mortgage, owing more on the loan than their home is worth so they can’t afford to reduce the price.

Older homes were built for lifestyles of families in that era, but the modern lifestyle is so much different even compared to a decade ago. Newly built homes typically feature modern amenities as standard offerings which are more attractive to today’s homeowner.

New construction homes help to save the owner money with energy efficient green building methods. These features frequently are too costly when retrofitting an existing home if it was not originally built to modern green building standards.

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