True Built Home: A Great Way to a Great Home

Welcome to True Built Home, where we have been successfully helping families to create and live in their dream homes throughout the Pacific Northwest for many years. With plans that are fully customizable, we provide each new homeowner the most efficient and responsible level of home building in the industry.

The professional staff members of True Built Home have all known each other, not only as coworkers but also as friends for many years, and in some cases even decades. Among the many things that have distinguished True Built Home from all the others is our experienced Home Consultants. Each of our Home Consultants has either built a new home as a spec, or has had a new home built with our program. This allows a home buyer to know that the person who is assisting you wholeheartedly understands what you will be experiencing, all the way through the process finishing with the success of moving into your new home.

Our Project managers have had similar levels of experience as our consultants, as they have also either built new homes, or had a new home built through our on your lot program. We believe that other builders do not have anywhere near the depth of wisdom and experience which True Built Home and our staff have demonstrated over the years.

Founded and currently run by Lewis D. Mann, True Built Home reflects the experience and values that have helped him to develop a company with superior technical ability to build a top quality home, as well as the integrity to see every project through with the customer service which he feels is most deserved by all of our clients. As Lewis D. Mann himself says, “service is the heartbeat of our company,” which is why True Built Home is set apart from all other volume home builders.

If you’ve been looking to move into your new dream home or if you have any questions, please call us today. We build homes in Washington and parts of Oregon, and we can work with you to design and build your new custom home at the location that is best for you and your family. Our friendly professional staff is always ready to assist you.

Please also visit our website for more information, it has many tools that will help you to determine the best home plan for your needs.

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