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At True Built Home, we have many different floor plans, all customizable, to fit your needs. We offer single level ramblers as well as multi-level houses. We also build garages and garage extensions for pre-existing homes.

Ramblers, single level homes, are great choices for anyone looking to avoid the leg strain of walking up and down steps all day. Also known as ranch homes, our ramblers are easily customizable for any situation. Initial floor plans range from 720 to 3,038 square feet and come with anywhere from one to five bedrooms – though it is easy to add more according to your needs.

The versatility and easy access of the rambler makes it a very popular model, and with prices as low as $55,900, there are options for everyone. Whether it’s a simple Ruston, a spacious Jackson Ridge, or an elegant Jasmine, customers always love their rambler homes.

If you have a larger family, or a smaller lot, you may want to look into our multi-level housing. These two-story homes start at $68,900, and range up to 2,914 square feet. There are 13 customizable floor plans available, most of which boast between 3 and 5 bedrooms.

Building up instead of out allows you to make the most of the land you are given. It is a practical way to fit a larger family into a smaller space without anything feeling cramped. In fact, it will feel spacious, as you double your floor space.

Both rambler and multi-level homes can be built as ADUs – Accessory Dwelling Units. These ADUs are self-contained small houses built on the same property as a larger, central house. Think of it as a mother-in-law house, something that allows a person to live independently, but close to loved ones.

In addition to building homes, True Built Home will build a garage for your existing home. We offer standard one or two car garages, but we also have more specialty options, with offices or workshops attached. Even if you already have a garage, we can add on to it to allow you to make more use of the space.

At True Built Homes, we offer many different solutions, all of which are customizable to your situation. To see all of our floor plans, as well as a gallery of homes we have built in the past, visit: http://truebuilthome.com/home-plans/.

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