Wine Crush 2014

It proved to be a well needed break from the west side of the mountains. My wife who is also a realtor, besides being a great wife and mother, and myself spent the weekend on the east side of Washington State. True Built Home built a model home in Zillah Lakes, just outside Yakima. After the home was originally built we spent a couple of weekends enjoying the area, and now kind of thirst for it. Why? Several reasons but a few come with a picture or two.

The community at Zillah lakes has a little 9 hole golf course, a great way to work on some of your aspects of your swing and your game if you want. I did, so I spent a few hours working on my 150 yards out shot. I have not made any progress!

After our open house was over for the day, we always pay a visit to one of our favorite places, Dineen Vineyard. Wine is good, food is great, people are wonderful, sites are extraordinary.

Deneen Oven

They have a pizza oven there where the chef and his family have perfected making anything they desire to make and people are willing to eat. After several visits here, we’ll eat practically cardboard because he can do no wrong!

Here it comes now,

Pizza arrives

Pizza eating time

It was a pleasant afternoon, but it was not over. Our good friend Doug Lakeman who caretakes for Zillah Lakes community invited us to the annual Jones Market food feast. He has put in on for several years, the man is generous to care for it all, and it was a lot. They were not going to run out of food, libations or people enjoying themselves. Frankly, we had little room for much food, but we made a spot! After all, how can you pass up authentic Mexican cuisine!


The big vat was filled with roasting cornita, fried to absolute perfection. The kind folks were kind enough to put up with my broken Spanish, as me and my wife spent close to 3 years in South America, what feels like a lifetime ago.

Jones Feast

We had a great time as we always do, and not sure when this little area of the Yakima Valley will be discovered. I like to call it the little brother to Sonoma, I know that will likely turn a nose upward, but we just love coming to the vineyards over here where people remember you, your wine preference and where the food, no matter where you go is wonderful! Salud!

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