3 great reasons to install tile in your new home

Have you been thinking about installing tile in your new home? Here are 3 reasons why you should.

Tile is durable

IMG_6205Tile doesn’t warp, bubble, or fall apart from water damage.  Ceramic and porcelain tiles are nearly impervious to water thus avoiding stains and water damage. The standard underlayment for tile floors is a cementitious product that holds up to swelling and warping as well.  This allows you to be more liberal with your soap and water when cleaning.  If breakage occurs have no fear. Since we are dealing with dimensional flooring that comes in sizes ranging from 6”- 16” it is relatively inexpensive and quick when replacing a broken tile.

Tile is beautiful

Ever get compliments on your vinyl floor?  Probably not, but you’re more than likely to have compliments on your tile.  Tile is attractive.  Just ask the millions of people who visit sites and museums around the world that house priceless works of art made with tile!  Most people consider tile to be a true material that has historically been appreciated down through the ages, and will for ages to come.

Tile adds value

Laminate and vinyl surfaces are not considered upgrades to your home, but add tile in the mix and you have now added value to your home.  This translates to more money in your pocket or equity in your home.

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